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Right now at banana Republic factory, save big abo Orlando turns first for breaking news weather, traffic, four hours a day. It starts now. Eight thirty news ninety six point five WDBO after a rough day of weather, rain and storms continue to push east to the coast and even off the coast tonight, we've had reporters out and about across central Florida all day tracking the storms this hour, which in with long woods. So we got just a little break in Longwood a little earlier, the rain side down a little bit. But picking up once again and also this wind, you can definitely tell it's picking up to seeing a lot of movement in the trees right now out on the streets. Be careful spread e Hastings and Longwood. News ninety six point five WDBO. We are still seeing light rain across central Florida. Wet conditions to contend with the storms became deadly outside of Tallahassee earlier today. A big tree fell on a house killing eight year old girl and injuring her twelve year old brother news ninety six point five db. Oh, Orlando turns first for severe weather news meteorologist Cassandra criminal. We had a stormy afternoon. In but turning dry and cool as we head towards the weekend. I've got your weekend forecast coming up. I'm Tony Marino. Sixty eight light rain continuing here, Orlando severe weather station. We have seventy and garden. The Orlando Magic Toronto. Raptors playoff game is underway at the Amway center. It's the magic first home playoff game since twenty twelve Orlando mayor buddy Dyer excited..

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