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Years three years ago. Not offensive two years ago. Maybe the there was some discussion last year. Well. But you know, let's just leave it this year. They finally decided to pull the plug on crack fries. Now, they're still leaving the quad just changing the name. That's one of the things. This is made national news, by the way, Fox News dot com. They're catering to the crackhead community. You know, what let's hear from the CEO. This is Mark gray. Here's the CEO of barfly ventures. The parent company of hop cat. Maybe he can say something that makes sense to me. Hello. My name is Mark Greg CEO. Barfly ventures. Mayor company of hop. Ken lamb announcing plans to change the name of Hopkins crack fries, they'll still be the same beer battered season recipe, just within your name, while the name crack size was intended to be tongue-in-cheek. Drug addiction is not a job, the drug crack is devastated. Many of the communities that we serve. This sounds like a Saturday Night Live bit. Are you kidding late? The crackheads one final score crackheads. One hop. Cabanera? Get I don't think he's so much worried about the I think he's just a whole thing in general how people that have been affected by drug addiction. I agree with you. I think it's being overly sensitive. I think there's a deeper lying issue here. Is that this guy is using Shoshu Justice to market his French fries. That's what's really going on here. After eleven years. All of a sudden you now just decided to call a crack fries. Wait a minute before we changed the name. How about this? How we would make a big press release and remind people that we still had delicious fries, but all the guys of social Justice, and we'll get more people than ever come into our hot cat restaurants. So he asked. Baby, it's cold outside. That's basically what this is. We're going to make such a big stink about this. And we're going to get all this publicity. But still I can't.

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