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And that's it. Because i i love those flashing lights and those ding ding. Dang vegas was good. I will say that. I was the only person in the state of nevada wearing a mask vaccinated unvaccinated. No one was wearing a mask. Except for me. I wouldn't even drink anything in the casino because i was like. I'm not taking off the mask because like if you're going to get the delta variant anywhere it's at any casino and they've had they've had huge outbreaks bagasse spent a ton of breaks. Yeah there's articles and also a lot of sirens on the strap like in a way that i've never heard before i didn't. I didn't love that so it was fun. It was really fun. We had a great time but again forty forty seven hours in vegas. Everything's amazing forty nine hours in vegas. I want to kill me. Talk out any that far out of here like an every time. It's it honestly go and clock those hours you guys. I was in my hotel room by three pm on monday. And i will say that on wednesday at six pm. I was leaving the next morning at seven am wednesday at six pm. I was having a mental breakdown. Like i was trying i was like it was like just like put on the tv and like go to bed. Because it's making jewelry on. And i was like i'm just hey melatonin like going to sleep. I like too much. it's too. Yeah it's it's it's an ad covert and it's just too much to tale. It's your would say on housewife. She says to foofoo. And i say yes. I agree it was fun. And i love his excellency slot machine if anyone knows how i can get that game whether it is on the computer on my phone literally physically in my house yes there's a bootleg version internet somewhere. Honey i have looked. I just wanna play. I don't need to feed it money. And i don't now give me money. I love it. I love the bonus. Did it do the shoes. Yeah that's what i did when i wanted. I won like a shoe shopping spree or something spewing and spewing. And i was just like this is a peak moment and this will flash through my head and shoes ran the rainbow bridge. The shoes are coming out is so amazing. If you guys have never played the sex and the city slot also. It's like one of those chairs like rumbles. So when you like fucking. I am a sucker. I buy into it every time. But i love when they're like like it's like a five multiplier. Mister bigs like that's a great number honey. And i'm like yes. I'm really glad that they haven't removed that. When i did it was twenty six teen. Yeah so it'd been of aljic but the fact that they have a ripped it out for like a livio. Rodriguez machine or shopping makes happy. That's probably coming. I consider it my civic duty to show up to vegas once a year and put enough money into the machines that it's worth keeping is the technically like the sex and the city hotel. It came through go. That's why they'd be cozma. Because weather is a big stiletto heel in the lobby very weird. It's a very like sex positive hotel. There are always like wanna get fucked. Go to when. I'm always like right boy. Do i remember those pets..

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