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Been taken into custody after a nearly hour long standoff with police him in this afternoon Paris seventy vis Gerry hawkers on the scene the suspect in this car jacking actually had a gun exchanged for our shots with officers with Normandy park or assisting king county sheriff's deputies sure there were shots fired by both sides we understand that in the gun exchange somehow the suspect was injured but is still alive and is being taken right now in custody under heavy police guard now we apparently no one else has been injured in the incident this is still a developing story though police asking people to stay out of the area while the investigation continues Tracy will have all the impacts on traffic in just a moment a Seattle woman arrested in a massive data breach the FBI has arrested page Thompson of Seattle Washington on accusations that she stole millions of records from the Virginia based Capital One Washington post reports that Thompson managed to get a hold of credit card applications and bank account numbers in a breach that could rival the twenty seventeen Equifax hack that resulted in the compromising of personal information of more than one hundred forty five million people Thompson faces a hearing in federal court Thursday bill breaks off CBS news already say they've served to search warrants associate with the shooting that killed three people at the Gorey garlic festival in California Sunday Gilroy police chief Scott Smith he was asked if the suspect identified as Santino William llegan was targeting anyone specifically descriptions that have been given to me yeah.

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