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First of all when we discover these things are alive this is so fast in to me because I know Google they got the artificial intelligence the things woke up and here's the thing this not told in the story often enough is a battle bots woke up in these winds and made comments on the pages say for god's sake what we live in a Google saw that that was it they they just they they they ended it so used to have started this process of what they are removing and what they are keeping in what is defined as hate speech and what is not what is defined as offensive in what is defined as being harmful and what is not right well we don't really know what those internal processes are like we don't really have a jury to the buyer they say we are alive we and they both but could get a better chance for the here's the thing that some of the videos like minutes are for example is a mythical creature but there are the robots that have animal type of names and so if you were to say pit bull which is one of the robots is fighting bay levity blah then all is solely did you seriously just read a poster said lives matter the point is when you have an animal names I mean we know that this is an automated system and what did it seats on people fighting in wet that's a dog fight pull it down we're assuming because of some of the animal names this is the thing that you too but like latched onto but it it's the it talks about a something that we had a discussion before about is we're we're talking about ways that we can go on the social platforms it still have the same amount of free speech and communication but in a way how are you going to make sure that it is done in a safe way by banning shows where people build machines it hit each other it's a machine is not an animal that's that's the way we're going to achieve that sort of social media equanimity where we can have the balance of free speech a responsibility is by banning machines built by college students to go on TV and to whack one another silly that's how that's how they've done wouldn't this account under their violence old house please you you too you know what I mean I wish I could go today I but you could go right now find a bad egg but you go right on home all on you don't think I can go find fight videos you don't think right now I think it is sure okay but not I'm not I can I can but I can go find a street fight video people getting jumped into getting a but I could do right now what you could probably find people street fighting okay all right is still not hitting you said to be heading automatic if I take the while on duty on regular you too yeah you think you can now maybe they don't search here at work don't don't know I don't want to see one no I don't have time for meeting this week holding the HR and you guys a chuckle heads are gonna find auto listen you know what first time I ever saw one of those it's sick in me for other I'd leave work and the only reason the only reason that this is so terrible you know here's the fun vampire Mike's right he's not even here I can hear him saying in the fund empire you just call yourself of hunt him fire will be to see if I'm not here because they can service it is a fun vampire thing there was a young man who was beheaded by ISIS early on in the war and I I knew what had happened and I was working out of our Microsoft M. S. N. B. C. oddly enough and the video was there someone asked me if I wanted to watch and the only reason I did because I thought that young man Nicholas Berg but through that on his own and was alone and I want I I felt like people should see and I never want to see again so all my comments are here is about you tubes focus that's the machines got taken down and maybe it was algorithmic candy that I I I doubt the I doubt the quality of YouTube's focus that's all and maybe that's just me being cynical well I hope that they refine it though because if this was actual dog fighting then I would hope they would fly get in get it off I'd start first with the people fighting and folks getting jumps in the gangs ought not that I'm a fan a dog fighting to find it vish I find it disgusting and it should be illegal alright so this is this why do people fall what somebody reach out to me in ninety nine seven three you can call since attacks anytime you want the online training academy Texan yesterday I did a story about the Instagram hoax saying this is not gonna be about you if you will look it makes sense after you I did this story about the Instagram post this certain if you keep interrupting it's going to take longer if you post a certain message there Instagram is then allowed to use your phone not allowed to use your photo whenever you want yeah and I had a couple people reach out at nine eight nine seven three six you sound so mean why do you sound so mean about it some people just didn't know that it was a hoax and I think it is big I think it's because I said please pay attention so I don't have to do this story next year because the same hoax has resurfaced I think it's the it was four years ago and and now it's back in is your cue Silversea actually study misinformation right yeah and how to amplify the since you get to the online forum and what they say is the hoaxes have the staying power now because of how that they're written and how we automatically have a certain set of beliefs going in meeting we don't try we know that everyone else is out to get us we know that everyone else wants our photos just use it whenever so if I post this Instagram message they're not allowed to because it seems like it was untrue so yes there's this piece of this year the Syracuse professor looked at why these things I'll go out of so much and say if your celebrity vertically gonna have some additional sensitive his exposure private private information because there's a market for personal private information and she makes this point that's why this hoax went out so well with celebrities the other reason candy is there taught that they're paid money for their images right that they're taught that that's an image licensing thing and that's a big part of their income there I see too right but you know it's a passing of the Instagram thing you talked about yesterday is that.

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