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Aren't consuming where are you going to get inspiration? Well inspiration is bullshit. You've seen enough things in your life. You've had enough damn ideas. You never did shit with most of them near. Did I. Your need for inspiration is a fear of your own thoughts. It's a fear of doing the hard work of processing. What's in your head breaking out of the bullshit scripts that society rights for you and having an actual thought a true sometimes uncomfortable original. Thought you don't need inspiration. You need action. I can't deny from my own experience of going on a media fast then much of the time when I was consuming it was standing in my way of creating and wasn't creating what I wanted to do in the first place. This was an uncomfortable realization. I even had a couple of friends point out that reading. Books is a FORM OF PROCRASTINATION SACK. Relig- but they're right. How many books have you read? Can you recite what you learn from those books? Have you truly taken action? What you or did you just move onto the next book as you can see for me as someone who creates as someone who writes books and makes podcasts? This was a tough pill to swallow. I had to search myself for why I create what I create. I concluded that more than anything I create for my own self development in this world. Everyone is trying to get a piece of you. Facebook wants your eyeballs and your browsing history. The news media wants your attention. They'll manipulate your emotions. They will try to fool you into thinking it's somehow virtuous to be informed but it's all fucking bullshits on top of it. Addictive substances are all around us. How many lives have been destroyed by alcohol? Or ADDICTION TO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Go to a hospital looking the vending machine. Sugar sugar more sugar. It's so pervasive. We assume sugar isn't putting us in the hospital. And how many of US swear that we can't function in the morning and this we have a piping hot thermos of a psychoactive drug. Yeah Caffeine this shit is not right some of you are probably wondering what the FARC The news. Facebook and coffee had to do with my podcast. As I said I primarily. Make this show and write books to help myself because it brings me meaning. That meaning is strong enough to motivate me to take a break from listening to podcasts and reading books to save fuck the news fuck facebook fuck alcohol on every corner fucked sugar all around us. Fuck the caffeine. In every cop some people would describe this mindset as STOIC. Well my unpopular opinion is that stoicism is useless as a philosophy. It just rings hollow in my ears. Stoicism is not the cause of meaningful life a STOIC MINDSET. Instead is the effect of a meaningful life. All the things I described can be pleasurable. You could call my media fast. Eight dopamine fast as Dr. Robert Lusty taught us episode. One eighty-five pleasure which is triggered by dopamine is different from happiness which is triggered by Serotonin in fact pleasure and happiness are like polar opposites so. I don't shun pleasures by wave's stoicism. I don't shun pleasures for the sake of shunning pleasures. I do it because none of that. So called pleasurable stuff will help me be the human that I want to be. None of that will help me. With this journey. This journey of creating I create so that I can create. And so who would I be if I expected you to listen to my podcast? I'll reiterate yeah. I want podcast listeners. I want Patriot supporters. Yeah I want to sell books when I make money. I can create more things but the thing I hope for myself is the same thing that I hope for you. I want you to break out of the Matrix of bullshit that rules the thoughts and actions of so many of us on what you to stop consuming and start creating. If you're trying to escape the Bullshit Through Your Own Discipline Aka stoicism. You'RE GONNA have a bad time. There's nothing I can say to you. There's no inspiration. I can provide which will make that happen so yeah it makes me really sad. Sometimes that I don't have more podcast listeners. But then I tell myself David if they aren't consuming maybe they're out there creating and I have.

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