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Seventy five degrees at eleven o three. I'm curt Lewis top stories tonight and a tough ending to a great season for Texas Tech tonight in Minneapolis. Just a few minutes ago. The red raiders lost Virginia eighty five seventy seven in overtime as the Cavaliers claim the NCWA men's basketball championship. The game was tied at sixty eight at the end of regulation, but Virginia went on a run outscoring tech seventeen to nine in the five minute overtime, period. It's the first ever men's basketball title for the Cavaliers matter of fact, it was the first championship game appearance for both teams again tonight, the Virginia Cavaliers beat the red raiders from Texas Tech, eighty five seventy seven and for Jinnah wins the men's NC double a basketball, title, plano, teenager has pleaded guilty to taking steps toward committing terrorism in the name of ISIS. Eighteen year old may ten as easy ran wanted to pull off. A mass slaughter at Frisco Stonebriar mall, going so far as to try to buy the guns in tactical gear. He was intercepted before his planned may two thousand eighteen attack today as easy you're on pleaded guilty in exchange for a twenty year prison term Collin county district attorney Greg Willis says it's not the maximum sentence. Very likely a jury in Collin county would have sent him to prison for the rest of his life. But the reality was there was no loss of life. There was no injury in the case. And he was extremely young all of which mitigates and goes into our determination of what's an appropriate. Senate federal officials say as easy Iran was serious about his attack. And it was no pipedream LP Phillips, News Radio ten.

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