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In another workplace mash shooting. Additional victim to report. We now have twelve one victim succumbed to the injuries on the way to the hospital, Virginia Beach. Police chief James Cervera says a gunman walked into a municipal building and opened fire on his workers before officers shot and killed him during his gun battle basically, the officer stopped this individual from committing more carnage in that building law enforcement. Sources tell ABC news. The Virginia Beach shooting suspect had to firearms one long gun and one hand gun. The body of missing four year old me Davis has possibly than found in Arkansas two days ago. Accrue, working alongside a highway in rural Arkansas noticed a garbage bag, but left it alone back in Houston, a community activists says he spoke with me, Davis's stepfather, Darien vents who's being held in connection with the disappearance of the four year old after that conversation. Police checked out the bag and found that it contained the body of a child executive assistant Houston. Police chief Troy. Thinner -ticipant murder charges. But who in, in win? I don't know right now. Forensics, experts are working to confirm that the remains are those of me Davis. Jim Ryan, ABC news, Dallas, Arkansas, Fort Smith. Mayor. George McGill says they won't know the full extent of damage from flooding until the water recedes, which he says, could take days we have been waiting for the water to receive so we can get in. And Microsoft says moments again, to see the things that we need to do is a city to restore manage, Arkansas river, left, a huge hole in a Levy causing water to spill into a nearby community sixteen women if filed suit against the FBI alleging gender discrimination while they were trainees at the academy in Quantico. You're listening to ABC news. As the warm.

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