Wyoming Governors Council, Sylvia, Broncos discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


The win in part because of the good call the game brought to us by the wyoming governors council on impaired driving broncos were up fourteen seven in the second quarter at the one yard line and trevor simeon called his own number good call saves set can't of its in front of cj behind sylvia's under center motion play face semi roles preflight scott staff he may also miss the falses athletic faith in savannah simeon heavy bloody hard is foot the ground outside of pulsa the broncos with seven left in the first half south back in front two seven trevor simeon with a oneyard touchdown run the good call the game brought to us by the way omen governors council on impaired driving who reminds you that if you're feeling buzzed you better not driver you'll be living the dui life make the good call and don't drive drunk or buzzed have to get to jimmy's tweet half to who's on broncos queen bronco queens call about being really upset about the play called once they were up twenty one seven i got the point bronco kwy got the point from the time they are up twenty one seven they got to conserved terrance says please tell bronco queen to pump the brakes she was completely way up base on her analysis of the off of the offense of play cost jimmy says no she was spot on you and mike are playing the odds and that's how to guarantee you will never win big and why we almost lost tonight he jimmy let me send you the memo the broncos won that game now i'm being a little facetious i grant you that but here's the point if the.

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