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He's found you got a vehicle fire, reported 10. He's found near 43rd Avenue. Then tiny's found near 27th Avenue had nearly crashed There that is now cleared Larry Lewis Key to our news. It's been a very cloudy day, but they're going to clear out tonight. Well, ceelo right around 40 degrees for Friday. Sunshine and 65 Saturday Sunny and 67. It's 60 right now in Glendale, whether brought to you by Howard Air and it's 503. I am feeling great that is the state's top health official. Just a day after getting the Corona virus vaccine that is now available to healthcare workers. Katya ERS Gabriel Gamino joins us now live with what's next. Maculan. Dr. Cara Crist, with the State Department of Health tells the mic room had a show that is health care workers get their vaccines. They're also working to make sure they reach long term care facilities. We have a partnership with a CDC and the long term care pharmacy partnership. They will be going into all of the 146 skilled nursing facilities and vaccinating all of the staff and the patients there, Chris says. They're around 30 to 35,000 long term care residents that will receive the vaccine and expect that the next I already group, which includes essential workers will be able to start receiving the vaccination by mid January early February reporting live Gabriel Gum in Your key to our news and first responders are among the health care workers getting the coven 19 vaccines today. Scottsdale Fire chief Tom Shannon among them. I shouldn't be first in line, but I really felt it was important to show my troops. Hey, let's go do this. Let's be on the front side of this thing and protect the public, Shannon tells Katie are he didn't feel a thing while getting the shot and encourages his whole Department to receive the vaccine. There were 5817 new coronavirus cases and 147 you deaths today? Here in Arizona, this as the State Health Department reports more than 22,700 new diagnostic tests. Coronavirus, hospitalizations, ICU bed use, and then later, you still on the rise. Also, the reopening benchmarks are reflecting that eight Arizona counties are now it's substantial Corona virus spread. That means virtual learning models are recommended, and businesses are supposed to face more reopening restrictions. Although the state Health Department has said they'll work with businesses rather than shutting them down, nearly the entire state is on track to move to substantial Corona virus spread as soon as next week. Luke Force ner Katya are news and coronavirus already is disrupting life and 2021 for a issue students anyway. The university announced that it's canceling spring break and able in the 2021 spring semester a week earlier than planned. The president of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Glenn Hamer says it's time for Congress to do its job and get a stimulus package approved. Almost a quarter of a million Arizonans will lose federal cares. Act Unemployment benefits the day after Christmas. If nothing is done, Congress should pass what it can't agree on and make this as merry a Christmas is possible for the millions of Americans still suffering. We want families in need to have relief and peace of mind. Hammer says small businesses are the backbone of the state's economy and also need help to stay afloat. Even in a state that's notorious for hot summers, Arizona went above and beyond when it comes to shattering heat records. Also been on the dry side in 2020, and the outlook isn't promising. So far. Flagstaff about 4.5 inches of snow average by now around 20 University of Arizona climate scientist Mike Roman says he's not optimistic because of the cooling of the Pacific Ocean waters known as La Nina, which usually drives the storm tracks to the Pacific Northwest with somebody's passing storms that will cool things off temporarily, but He was pretty dry. And then we've seen that even just this week, so that pattern is starting to set up and that will probably persist and almost 95% of the state. Now the deepest levels of drought extreme and exceptional. It was 40% about three months ago. Jim Cross Katie our news to our eyes on the economy as the National dad approaches $30 Trillion in Arizona Republican explains why there's no sign of government spending slowing down. It's 27 trillion now and ticking toward 50 trillion in the next four years, according to the national debt Clock, Congressman David Schweikert. Tells Arizona's morning news. The cost of health care is the main coal port. Getting older as a society, you know, it's the biggest trend. We're not having many Children, so turns out.

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