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All right our final moments with Vince Ellis and Burgess Owens I don't have a lot of time about a minute each Vince now that you see all these polls the president it sixteen to thirty four and a half percent approval rating in the African American community Hispanic community record highs there too do you think that translates into votes good will then people will be surprised if I purchase that is good for the other conversation people started off the plantation there's an awakening we are now seeing the Democratic Party after what Biden did all super Tuesday will slow down very helpful plan for their own mantra is one thing stay exactly where you are St for still Medicaid state Congress and we will make sure we're good masters to will let you from the from the crown of the fall ball multiple we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll make sure that you stay under under our control and we will determine your work we are better than that and black people in America are waking up to the fact they they won't remember last minute this half hour Burgess owns your care K. when would it would be interesting you know I'm excited with the fact that the black Americans now hold your values and principles versus party politicians and we're waking up and that's what it's going to keep the ball down the no yeah the best exchange with other people do not understand our system black Americans love our country we love our families went out for a future and we're going to continue to vote for those who support back in that's will present trump is done these programs we hear what the left is not done in decades so watch out we're gonna be at the legal structure to make sure I could get a great again back by voting our values and I love that about how about can you know really products of all those are standing up in the structure of a much better place to live in for sure it's in everybody's the best interest we you know you your rise and fall together we're gonna rise and fall as a nation together got to be one of some point you'd think the virus would you you know would that wouldn't be political but unfortunately it's become political Burgess Owens are running for the fourth congressional distributing Q. Vince Ellison author iron triangle thank you eight hundred nine four one Sean when we come back our medical team we'll update you on the latest on corona virus a much more as.

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