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For the Boilermakers everybody. Standing palm sweating here. The KFC center. Basketball has handed declined right now. He's looking he's working. He has no timeouts. He's having trouble Edwards Edward for you. They call the foul come on. Carson Edwards have free throws with one point seven. You gotta swallow. The whistle foul. Can't call that Edwards went up in the air. He kicked his right foot out. Adler? Why? So love. In this game. Significant one. This contest to more out. Star Texas rebels. What's up? Oh, got that. One eighty two eighty one Tennessee. Edwards have been out of balance. The deep rap. Toes the line. He gets the basketball back from the official one point seven o'clock. This Greek eighty two. Eighty to eighty two Tennessee has a timeout. If they want to use it. Record one point seven. Now. Wait, he's going to bring it up. Phone for Kyle Alexander. Want to try to do forty to what Rick Barnes is talking about? They might try the past the half court and then call timeout. Eighty to eighty two. Let's see what they do what will as ever bathing Jordan bone inbounding on the in line. The basket all the other the baseline gets it in court so Williams and they do call timeout. But it only says point one on the clock L. Let's go check out. We'll see if they. On that clock will say do right now just point one eighty.

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