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Her husband, Kevin hunter are divorcing. After nearly twenty two years of marriage. Of course, this is among all missile the rumors of Kevin hunter cheating on Wendy Williams. And by the way, having a child with another woman earlier this month and Williams is sending signals. She was flaunting her lack of a wedding band on her hair stylists and makeup, artists social media accounts earlier. Today. She was wearing a ring, but it wasn't a wedding ring. So signaling to us seems like she's moving on. She could just tell us, you know, she thinks she knows the power of not saying anything though bullets working right now. But I do think at some point there's going to have to be a moment where she's going to have to spill the beans if you know what it means. I mean, Jimmy talk about it being thanks for clarifying. You're welcome. And we've got a new trailer out for the upcoming the secret life of pets too. And in this preview, we get to see more of our favorite characters how they feel the animals the dogs and the cats and Harrison Ford is joining the voice cast this time as a dog with summit vice for hero. Max, remember, we see Kate was the voice of the first one Patna's walled is replacing him. Good idea. Yet can't tell the difference the secret life of pets too opens on June seventh. Oh, wow. Fabulous. I didn't see the first one. So it's very cute. That's what I've heard. Yeah. I have this weird thing about watching movies with animals. It makes me sad like old people and animals could I can't watch that movie. Yeah. But these are cartoon animals, but they just there to it's. Nothing. Bad happens to them own. The nobody gets run over. A family film. There's.

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