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Rob have you tried the saran wrap trick now i have a and i feel like it would be very uncomfortable i don't know if it would even under call said there there is some science to it i am not willing to try enzymes did i want to waste the saran wrap more or less comfortable than working out every day because it's really one or the other it seems like dsl i like that does that's my time when i'm awaken before my kids get up yeah clearly kevin feels another way nobody can talk bad about him when he is busy saran wrapping things right kevin exposed party when they tire the show how much saran wrap he's wasted a one of the other things that i of that i am enjoying with jason is that way in in the live show or in the the show with you and i went alex was getting on him because it's like showed tries to play at that jason is the stupid wanted alex smart one way and he ended up having that conversation with kevin and let it slip about the the he devotes i do love the jason like do this fine he was more fun why shielded feeds because we were trying to figure out what will happen here how did you know woohoo crazy plan because nothing happens without paul's say so in the house so we were like and then paul's asking who did it and he was asking it to the people who did.

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