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Is his size annoy was list, he's listed at six five. And he's every bit of that. Jason I went down. On the floor to make sure it wasn't just a program height. What's his skills and that size these two hands full? No good for him. Virginia Tech rebound Robinson pendulums rebel, white poking. Adam Savage, walks at parallel left circle off to spin fires to go left baseline drive. These walled off and he throws it away for white North Carolina to onto white chops. His steps into the front court sends it out to the corner and tried to get it right back at stolen by Virginia Tech and a foul. No, they're going to say it's out of bounds on the sideline. I believe. Yeah. North Carolina came up with the pilfer but didn't stay in bounds. Was right at that hash. Mark. Carolina gets another turnover from Virginia Tech outside. Right. White steps into a pass up top Williams at three Kenny Williams. Makes it a thirty one North Carolina. And that's a welcome sight for tar heel fans because he's really struggled shooting the three and the struggles continued in the first half we missed a couple of good looks. Here's a three left at a circle. And that's good for Virginia Tech and the Alexander Walker is four three it's fifty to thirty four North Carolina. Eighteen tend to go in the second part dry bay shot. No, good rebound. Johnson. Sends it out to the shot fake for William step inside to point Tupper. Kenny Williams has five in a row fifty to thirty four North Carolina's seventeen fifty five to go. It's all going for Carolina. The second shot opportunities. Mid range three point shots in full control. Right now, you had a great scoring year last year. Trying to duplicate that this year round the arc hill. Right-wing three. He got it for Virginia Tech, Mattie hill for three and the hokies are doing what they did to start the game. Well, anytime you can blast it from three. You always have a chance to come back there. Nine for fourteen from three today. They're down fifteen as Kobe white catch and shoot right-wing three. Attack in Chapel Hill fifty five thirty seven North Carolina's seventeenth fifteen to go. Foul called out on the perimeter white got into the body. They're gonna give it to Johnson away from the ball. So I personally valley gets Cameron Johnson North Carolina. The lead is eighteen ball.

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