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Podcast we're listening to my two thousand sixteen interview with michael k williams when we spoke it was also hosting a documentary series on vice land called black market about underground economies. The first episode was about carjacking in newark new jersey. You interview a minister. Reverend ronald christian who ran the christian love baptist church a church that bordered newark in irvington new jersey. And this is a church. That was really important to you during a difficult period of your life. The episode is dedicated to the of this reverend. So in between the time that you recorded the interview and last november one he actually died I don't know how. Much time elapsed. But you must have been really shocked. He was found dead on the floor of the church. Does anyone know what happened. He's harshest gave out manny a tired. You know this was a man that i you know. I've never seen someone gives so much of themselves. One hundred percent night and day. They never stopped. He was always there in the community. If familiar with essex county and particularly irvington some certain parts of the oranges and specially newark. You know that there's a lot of violence that goes on a lot of death. Life is very cheap or no streets and he was always there. What what did he do for you. You came to him. During the i came to those doors i was broken. Wasn't this was I would say a round the second more like third season of the wire i was. I was on drugs. Basically keeping a long story short. And i was in jeopardy of of of destroying everything that i had worked hard for and i came in those doors and i met a man who had never even heard of the wire much less watched it. He was somewhere else. The bronx preachy. Get another church. When i first went there and he stopped everything he was doing. Ram back to new jersey just because his His team the church told him that some you know. Some guy named omar wasn't trouble and needed to speak to him and he came into office and he says. Write your full name down your email. Some go get you a bible man. You could keep that and we go spend rested. His day maoz bet. So i wrote my full name down michael kenneth williams as he's leaving the office he turns his so. So what you want to be kalman as well you know. My name is michael. But you know i do mike you know his everybody say oh martin trouble owes to clueless and and nothing to do with hollywood light or who..

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