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Which hold the West? This is absolutely foul racist place. We've had riots in the streets. We've had protests. Black lives matter because blacks are highly prosecuted in the UK. So why are people from? Well. Maybe. Non White countries. Seeking to come here desperately desperate enough to risk their lives. Maybe. It's not as intolerable here. Swimming told me we're not such a racist and foul disgusting country as we're being told all. The coming here for a reason more important. Than being comfortable. Or, SAFE! Now I don't know what that is. I have my suspicions, but that is, but maybe there's another reason why they're coming other than. Because, it's a nice place to live. Or because of our social welfare. Or because France is at war. And they need to get out of fronts to save their lives. The national. Orgies Office said Home Office. Officials admitted that they had no specific evidence to show the compliant environment policy the successor to the hostile environment. That led to the wind scandal etcetera etcetera. Has made any difference in reported issue on Wednesday. Auditors also pointed out the home. Office has not updated. Estimate for the size of the illegal population for fifteen years. And that nearly two thirds of immigrants enforcement detainees released from detention without removal. For fifteen years. We've had no idea how many people have come into the country illegally. And of those who come in two thirds released. Into the community. Without removal. It comes days off. New Courses Watch, the Equality Human Rights Commission announced it would launch a legal action to review the department. The department had complied with the quantity law when implementing the hostile environment. How Day you could be less than. Consider all the human rights of those who illegally entered the country. It's just not tolerable. We are going to sue you. For Your intolerance of people illegally entering. The country. On a similar vein, but slightly different. Labor's Long Bailey sucked in antisemitism row. The BBC tell us Labor leader. Secure Sturm has sacked Rebecca Long Bailey sang. She shared an article containing an Semitic conspiracy theory. How shocking! There's a conspiracy theory. Well, there is a conspiracy. Many Jewish organizations, and if you want to know the details behind this true nooses, in-depth investigation, and you can find that on their website. Many Jewish organizations in America are boasting on their own websites that they have funded the training of thousands tens of thousands of American police officers..

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