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Eleanor louise cowl. Was twenty two years old when she gave birth to her first son ted. It wasn't a particularly happy experience for louise. Estranged from her deeply religious parents for having a child out of wedlock. She felt forced to hide her condition at a home for unwed mothers in vermont but after louise gave birth. She went back home for the next four years. Little ted cowl lived with his mother and grandparents at their home in philadelphia in later interviews. The men who became ted bundy claimed he had a normal upbringing told reporters that he grew up in a wonderful home with two dedicated and loving parents. It's important to note here. That ted often told conflicting stories to interviewers and had no qualms about lying to them as far as his upbringing. The truth was far less idyllic than ten claimed his grandparents. Samuel and eleanor cowl. Raised him as their child. He believed his birth. Mother was actually his sister as for the true identity of ted bundy's father. That's up for debate while louise claimed it was a sailor. Ted's vermont birth certificate reportedly listed thirty year old air force veteran loyd marshall as the father in other instances lewis claimed that bundy's birth father was another veteran named jack worthington. But according to some there was another contender. Ted bundy's maternal grandfather. Samuel cowl was a violent man who may have fathered his own grandchild however no paternity test was ever performed. So it's impossible to tell who the birth father really was in nineteen fifty four year old ted and the woman he believed was his sister moved to tacoma washington in nineteen fifty one. Louise met a hospital. Cook named johnny bundy the two married later. That year and bundy formally adopted. Ted even in this more normalized situation. Ted had a difficult time socially he didn't get along with his new stepfather and his painful shyness made it hard to make friends in tacoma and by this point ted had already begun to show an inclination toward violence back in philadelphia. His aunt julia claimed she had woken one night to find herself. Surrounded by kitchen knives. Ted was standing nearby watching her. Ted's behaviour only escalated in washington as a child and adolescent. He devoured criminal detective magazines searching for crime scene photos. He developed an obsession with violent pornography and according to forensic psychologist darryl turner. He also reportedly exhibited signs of conduct disorder per the american academy of child and adolescent psychology conduct. Disorder is the umbrella term given to a wide variety of persistent behavioral and emotional issues a child diagnosed with it may show signs of aggression towards others. Have a lack of empathy have trouble following rules. Be deceitful and destroy. The property of others as ted bundy grew into a teenager. His antisocial impulses drove him to wander the streets of tacoma he liked to search for discarded pornography or spy on unsuspecting women in their homes. The police even arrested him several times. For stealing. one of the defining moments of bundy's young life came one day in nineteen sixty when he was approximately fourteen years old according to prison psychologist. Dr carlyle bundy said he came across his birth certificate in an old trunk. His mother was named as louise's cowl the woman he thought was his sister in the spot where his father's name was supposed to be written a hospital. Administrator had penned the word on no in that instant everything ted had known came crashing down again. We may need to take this account with a grain of salt. According to another biographer. Anne rule bundy sought out his birth certificate in nineteen sixty nine at twenty two when he founded in burlington vermont. It listed lloyd marshall as his father but someone had stamped the word illegitimate across the page. Whatever truly happened. Most of bundy's biographers agree that some time in his early teenage years he discovered his supposed sister was actually his mother and his father was known. Some believe this revelation made bundy resentful towards his mother perhaps it even added to the misogynistic streak already bubbling under the surface of his friendly veneer. All of his later crimes showed a particularly brutal hatred of women. But even still as ted bundy's childhood came to a close. It seemed impossible to imagine the horrific acts he would soon commit up next will learn about the greater impact of ted bundy's upbringing on his crimes. Listeners here's a new show. I can't wait for you to check out when it comes to love. Every story is unique. 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Seventy two with a psychology degree in nineteen seventy four. He'd enrolled in law school at the university of utah and the troubled shy boy who was once. Obsessed with violent porn had now had multiple healthy relationships with women.

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