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In the meantime, one is Did we start? Did you just have a a session, a special session of the Scottish Parliament, and if so, why and was it all virtual end? What was the big deal? Why did everyone have to get called back in July? Well, you know we. We have a work ethic. Fortunately. Epidemic nobody believes that we should be a way for substantial periods of time. We are technically on recess, but we've. We've match. We're meeting. Three weekly cycles because the First Minister of the review, our regulations undercover takes three weeks, so she aggressive violent, and we deal with that and we do virtual question sessions because we believe that that you we should still be answerable to to the country to its representatives. We, I do quite a lot. Virtually I mean in where I'm sitting in my. In my door study looking over a local. I've done a parliamentary statements from here. I've answered questions in here appeared in front of parliamentary committees from here and brise by three hours by car different. Sue them for five occasions to do things. But we we, it's just not normal year, so are non. Patted, would-be, we would end the end of June. We would start again at the beginning of September We've finished at the end of June. We will start again on the eleventh of August when schools go back, schools have been since the twenty third of well being that since the twentieth, a much scores go back on the August and we will go back then but. I will be in Parliament on the twenty thousand nine hundred thirty s this month, and I will be doing a statement of some sort before, so we're we keep ourselves busy. We believe in seventy people. But there was no particular crisis this month, regarding London's negotiations on Brexit or anything well. Yeah I. Mean I think the reason I got to give a statement before the thirtieth will be expecting, which there will be a white paper new government. Tomorrow's as said on issues which we believe substantially undermined divorce settlement, so that will be part of it but you know the main issue is. An. Issue is making sure that we keep the Pompton people informed of that the first minister undertakes. Daily press conferences on Calvin at up until now. They've been five days a week I. think that will change shortly. But we still do the televised people you know that is open to press question for lengthy periods of time. and you know we we're very. The Kutai gave you an impact and and being honest with people is what we tried to follow, so we fight to make sure that people have all the information they need. I believe. Peter Galbraith has another question Peter. Thank you. and I wanted to just say I I was not being critical of of Scottish independence. When I was asking about the economic issue, it was the sense though that often in these circumstances where people feel they're in the case of Scotland dragged out quite what England did that that can overcome economic issues and I also think point out that countries often do very well after independence, a obviously the Baltic countries case in point of fact of Croatia, Slovenia, clearly, better without Yugoslavia my question as a events in Ireland Northern Ireland effect the Scottish situation I think the polls show. That there's. Majority now for United Ireland or at least very close There's a process. Perhaps you might explain for having a referendum there. You see that process going forward with Boris. Johnson government and I guess it would raise the question of if they are willing to do it in Ireland A. How could they say no to doing it in Scotland? Accepted a special situation in Ireland is recovering from a federation of Civil War essentially. It is, it is not like Scotland, and therefore we've always accepted. Special arrangements for another round have to be made in Rhode Island, and we've never dawn equivalences without, and wouldn't do so and is quite dangerous. Joy collinses, as you well know between national movements in various places there everything is different but there are some interesting issues in in northern. Ireland and the special settlements within Brexit is a particularly important one. There is a special protocol in West Role Agreement Maine and Northern Ireland will sit somewhere between you and the UK. It will have regulatory. Alignment with the EU and the border will therefore not be a border per se in terms of goods, and it will be treated in a special way. Our view is if that is possible for. It should have been possible got, and they should have been some special arrangements Scotland, and that was not reached. The question of of Irish reunification. They different one at you know. There are two in a number of players in there I think the new t shock in a in Ireland. Martin has made it clear that he doesn't think the time is right for a border poll and the border you can be called lives with with the consent of both sides, but I don't think that's likely to happen immediately. I think it's going to happen at some stage. But a lot of this is. The same issue and the issue is. BREXIT has precipitated. He'll change. That was underway in any age. Voted Against Brexit to. The only part of the of the islands so to speak. That got didn't get anything voted for. Wheels voted for Brexit. Narrowly voted for Brexit England voted for Brexit. Northern Ireland voted against it getting special status Scotland voted against it more than any of the Muslim nodded and he's getting nothing. And the the tensions created by Brexit have exacerbated. What was an ongoing process? You've got to look at the issues. Independence, not as some modern phenomenon I mean this. This has been going on for well over a hundred years. The sub committee for this indication Scottish writes in the eighteen fifties eighteen sixties. Campaign for restoration the position advocate. The growing. Administrative delivery took place in the late nineteenth twentieth century, and there's a school that would argue that the was held us back where a number of events at which which? Renewed UK solidarity British Daddy to where wars the creation. Of the of the Health Service and so on at, but the process has been going on I. Mean you know I I mentioned earlier, my grandfather, my grandfather publishers in English publisher. I, think he he would be astonished was a Scottish Parliament because he died in the nineteen sixties, and it was a long way then I don't think any the majority of it, and you'll be astonished. Grandson was in a Scottish Parliament administered. Moist discussing this with a distinguished American audience so the nightline this. Has Been a process underway..

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