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Sure. So Your point then as is that most of the time in terms of the surviving evidence in terms of the surviving horoscopes, it seems like they're just calculating planetary placements by sign and using whole sign houses and probably Holstein aspects but with texts like this at least from relatively early on there is at least an ideal that perhaps if you could calculate things by decree, that would be a useful additional piece of information to factor into the interpretation. Yeah So this is also important the subject to see what what, what is therion what is practice because there's we can see some discrepancies between theory and practice. So theory's always more sophisticated far more sophisticated than. Actual real life practice seems to be Because So there are the resist of of different techniques, India radical tax. But what we see in actual case, scopes while there are not too many different techniques. used. But I guess that that's why we need to discover both the theoretical side end the the practical side because may be the reason why they didn't use some things in practice was simply that they didn't have the time for these calculations, for example, but that was an idea that they would like to reach that level. Sure. Yeah. That makes sense and that's a whole thing we could get into it will save that for another discussion or another episode, the And I and I did some of that in my episode on the origins of the House division debate last year so I can link to that. At some point as well. So the other let's see other definitions. Once once they outlined the basic aspect definition, one of the other definitions I wanted to look at. where lecture translation was on what you translate as the concept of domination. And I liked that you used that as a translation convention and that is another point. It's just you're helping to establish translation conventions here for your translations and in some instances you're retaining and you're using translation conventions that had been used or or introduced by others and and other instances you're going against that or you're coming up with your own translation conventions in order to more correctly convey the sense of the taxed. Yeah but won't. Can Be always debated. So So translation conventions are are questions never be settled ones foot to due to the contentment of every everybody. So a lot of people say. They are disturbed by by Words like Helius or Selena or the translation literal translations of the the names of the signs or The names of the aspects. For example, they would prefer to see the dwyer now northern Terms but. This is one thing and the other thing is that there can be lots of synonyms that the translator can use in. DIFF-. So. I always open to any sort of suggestion. So I can I can I can translations if there is something that does someone can convince me to to change this this term do something else. But I tried to to to follow the footsteps of the previous set translate translator stuff from the how mystic tax but sometimes I fat I needed to to change the term because side. So data day convey did right meaning in this case. So for example, this domination while actually the original Greek, a term for this is the APODACA Tei which has something to do with with the being. In the Yeah well. Owned tensing. Upon the ten th because FBI just means like a pawn duggan means means ten or Tonton Dia. Yeah. That's it. So it's a it's a it's something that can be expressed in English and in a in a natural way to it's was weird and then schmitter wanted to to to use the expression decimation. Data decimation, in English. Languages are I'm also in Latin means something very different. So it means like a sort of punishment the temporary beverage Tanta soldiers is. Clear Kia of Europe, I lost the battle or teacher they simply. Has Sitting negative or like extreme connotations. Yeah. Extreme connotations that are not used in this in this case. So this this in this case, this is just the. This is just being in the tense sign in from from from the from. US Star. Yeah. of overcoming actually. Right, and then the planet that's in the tenth sign relative to another planet having a special influence or being exert a very powerful influence of another planet. So that's why I argued for domination as the translation of this, and later saw that Holden had translated that way as well. So those happy to see you using that here Let's let's read the definition really quickly in the we can keep discussing it. So in the poor free version, it says the star being in the tenth sign said to dominate and overcome the. Star being in the fourth sign for example, the star that happens to be in the balance dominates the star being in the goat horned one and the star being in the goat horned one also dominates the star being the Ram. So in other words, in the example, it saying that a planet in Libra is is dominating or is in the ten th relative to plan it in capricorn versus a planet and Capricorn is in the tenth or dominating a planet that is in areas because it's in the tenth sign relative to. Yes Exactly yeah. Okay. So this is tied into the the notion of overcoming which actually the next definition after this, but it's just a sign based aspect of planet that is ten signs for another plan, and if it's a malefic planet that's in that position than it's usually interpreted as being. Very negative condition whereas if it's a Ben Affleck that's in the tenth signed relative to another planet. It's usually interpreted as being a very positive condition in authors like videos, Fallon's, for example, where he uses this sometimes or versions of this in his chart example. Unjust, that against this on overcoming guns on domination is a very early concept because there are some tax Attributed to to Dorothea centennial on. For example, them and Phoenix Mountain is also has these descriptions. About a planetary configurations and in the intersection hab-habitats run. There are. Detailed descriptions. So what happens if if the planet a is dominating and what happens it planet B is dominating so having. A a square aspect of between. I'd say Mercury and Mars is not the same if they changed place. And if The for we look at these definitions, we can see the Derek Cohen sister of these definitions on discordant sister could while have been neck Habsburg seaways..

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