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But yeah, the PGA aspect of that game. The first time I dealt with it was fine. I think it was pretty overpowered over levels. It wasn't too bad the second time around. It was to a point that I'm Mike Okay. I understand that animal. You'd be playing a human player who is definitely going to be reacting a little bit different to what they I would, but it was way too quick and I nearly lost. It was the best of nine the way the battles work and it. It was sudden death and I'm like okay I know that. I'm good enough at this game, and I know that I'm actually leveled pretty well. This is some bullshit so I finally said you know what screw it I'm going to see. If there's a way to tone down the difficulty, otherwise I might just be struggling through some of the extra parts, and actually have three only settings, which is kinda fair others one that has just damaged received so basically just means you take less damage each it. Tones Down Twenty percentile, so you can go from one hundred, eighty, sixty, forty twenty. And only turned zero because I. Don't think I need to go much further than that. For the most part, the only reason that I ended up dying in the game is because I just don't heal 'cause I'm kind of an asshole and I think I can handle things at low health and I I clearly can't. The other one is enemy attack rate, which goes down and ten percent tiles, and I don't think it goes. Past fifty percent. So I told him that down ten percent. Just so it means I have an extra window at least be ready for something. And so far that's worked nicely. The only other thing I haven't touched puzzle speed because there are things that are on time switches. I haven't needed to do that yet. Because I don't feel like messing with the puzzles is GonNa make things any better because the puzzles are not difficult challenging, they are just you need to take a second and actually assess of what's going on, and it's kind of fun challenging that when it's done..

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