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Two thousand six is grandma's boy this is a hell of an open a very go those produced by happy madison productions as you know adam sandler's production company roughly about five million dollars rumored and it doesn't have adam sandler in it at all it's stars alain covert who's a longtime conspirator with the with sandler he's in gnome from big daddy in as the katty in happy gilmore he plays alex is a 35yearold videogame tester in he's an avid donor uh he ends of moving in with his grandmother play by doors roberts and her to eccentric roommate's her housemates there surely jones in shirley night the reason why asked a move and is because he was a victim for not paying rent because his roommate at the time spent all the money on filipino hookers though solid set up in the first five minutes attentiongrabbing alex is in a very 2000s way shamed being relegated to living with three elderly women so a he's exchanging grueling chores painting the house sweeping like very heavy duty things in exchange for living there rentfree so in order to hide his shame he continuously lies to his coworkers who were millennials in their early to mid20s lies to them about his living situation saying he liz with actually three very gorgeous sex crazed women and their unsafe insatiable lust is what's keeping him from getting his work done he so exhausted all the time coming in to do his job so it seems like on paper it's a very typical low lowbrow sander comedy and it's the all the kind of thing that we've been seeing from him as of late but there's something about this film that actually pushes at a little bit more towards the happy gilmour's and the water boys in the big daddy's than the lucky larson's and joe dirt s and jack and chills and that's something that that you see it in a common theme was sandler movies when the characters are built to be the laugh when they're really eccentric and goofy and weird noxious that that's when the film falls apart if you're building it around that bad character this film doesn't do that they've there's s interested he's with the characters yes but the comedy is isn't driven from that the coveney's driven broke with the.

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