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Though didn't think that they would come up with that. But i mean i don't know how much dean had a hand in their deeds hand was just putting in the bag is leaving it there. I feel like he had to do. With in dina think if he had thrown it through a window with no. You got to be more conspicuous put in their bag and they ride into the sunset but they do say they didn't think the show demand didn't think it was that bad. Yeah he kinda liked it a little bit and this really starts like the rivalry between the ghost. Phasers and the winchesters ghost ghost. I like the one. They swear that they put first of all. I liked that they swear. Because i feel like that's normally how dean and sam you know. We're talk. But i like how they put the the skull mouth like the ghost's face our logo over there for their mouths whatever they were swearing. I liked. I liked when they realized who they recognised. Yeah san francisco. Holy w- west texas. It's all slowly coming back. Like the topa goofballs. That always got us fucking killed. I don't know the name of your show. But yeah you guys and then the fuck may say these assholes again. But in the end it was corbett korbut. Korbut saving the day. Our p corbett seriously corbett poor. Corbett didn't earn a full goes face or status until he died. What was nice is that that seemed to not only crossover daggett. Which i can't. I'm sorry. I just think of angry beavers but it didn't it not only crossed over daggett but it also crossed over corbett. It was a two for two for two years for the price of one towards saving the day. Okay i'm ready for tidbits if you're ready for bits. I'm always ready for some tidbits especially for this episode. There actually called tidbits this time in. Its so i know my disappoint some people but this is where we're at. What are the things that keeps coming up in episodes wall hanging appear to get in this episode. The deer's head was back. It appeared on the wall of the morton house. Did you notice the deer i did. I did notice the deer. let's back. I'm now staring things. Like i saw the starburst in the motel room. Else have seen you before. Have seen her The standard supernatural opening credits. Do not air the being this episode instead the credits for the show in a show ghost phasers air a standard credits At the end of the episode this episode in the ghost faces in particular or a parody of the show ghost hunters which was on the scifi channel. The hand held camera style of this episode reference. References the horror movie the blair witch project in which a group of college kids are making a documentary about a witch. Hit the nail right on the head there. Yeah i agree. The framing mechanism of the episode goes phasers in harry. Earth suited up in sitting in front of a fire. It's reminiscent of the masterpiece theatre which would be introduced by the host who would be sitting in a great chair by an open fire. Feeling some of these things that i copied and pasted or a little redundant. She just couldn't find there so namur d- with this episode like it's so great the stopped with unripe note The ghost faces theme song is very reminiscent of the ghostbusters theme. Also having a line about who you gonna call. Furthermore the ghost phasers have a huddle cheer similar to the ones. The one used by the ghostbusters..

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