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Make sure your plan for like designated driver. That's what my drunken wife does she drinks. Every once in a while. I say say we can't we can't reach a new low. And then every once in a while we get there. Okay. And this one is going to be one of those stories so Haley, I asked you to ask why to question. So go ahead and ask white. Yeah. Why is your wife mad at you? I'm just I wanna know why go on. I'm not gonna do this. No you so disgusting. You have to talk about it. Alrighty. I wish you could see how big my smile is. Right. Not doing this. Hey, you like doing it on the air? I will tell her you. Sure. Does not know. I asked him what it was. And you're gonna have ask I don't tell you didn't tell her. That's why I don't tell you. Tell her if you say that if if Susan gets mad, I will personally go, and she can yell at me if she's not going to be mad. She's already mad at me. Mama steak was telling him this morning K me, you should know that he has never to lie to people still tell me that. I don't know. All right. Let's move on. That's move on. I'll tell it. No. Then I'll tell no, okay. Dwight whitney. His wife is Matt go it allegedly. Allegedly. Yeah. Allegedly a might may or may not keep a giant tumbler on our night table turning. You are turning. I'm not doing. No, yes. You will start at it allegedly. That's not ways. Know where you're going K. He keeps giant Cup next to a giant Cup tour bed. All right, giant, tumble and allegedly. I might use it to use the restroom. Is it now may I ask you is not out of wage. Don't wanna disturb the dog. Can I ask is is it number one is of course. No, no, no. No, no. I go down. I go down to the BP. That's where I'll make my wife. Go to there's no number twos. Done in my house. Okay. I think that's fine. I don't mean fine. I don't think like.

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