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He's reborn right or is he just rising he rose okay yeah that's the No Way the member number might worry about the tents yes he is risen that's right not he was not he has risen or hazard dot had Brad grammar present tense he's currently alive that's why I guess it is using god's teacher was that didn't correct his grammar good are odd I don't know okay yeah yeah self taught talk about guards okay let's talk about gardens so there's an article in The New York Times about victory gardens which is something that started during World War one and continue through World War two so in nineteen eighteen the national war garden commission that was a real thing sent out a pamphlet and it said prevention of widespread starvation is the peace time obligation of the United States the war garden of nineteen eighteen must become the victory garden of nineteen nineteen so they were pushing people to be self sufficient you know just in case you couldn't get anything at the store anymore you had to be able to grow your own stuff so this also had to do with the influence outbreak of nineteen eighteen are you seeing where we're going with this the similarities that we're seeing here so same thing happened in World War two and at one point according this article between home school and community gardens forty percent of the country's fresh vegetables were being being grown just by average Americans twenty million Americans were growing all of this food is forty percent yeah that's incredible I know because they set up these pamphlets and they really pushed it and people were told like you have to do this for your country this is the kind of patriot patriarchy nel patriotic patriotic it could have been both I don't know probably a bunch of dudes sent those out of it so now we're kind of feeling the same thing people are going to the grocery store they're seeing a lot of empty bins were vegetables used to be and all kinds of food and some people are saying well I better get back into gardening I should probably grow my own food likely it's spring right now it's around the time when people are starting to get their soil together and do some of the seed planting so in the article they said that seed companies are seeing a surge in sales but one thing just to warn people of is that gardening is hard it's not where you just plant you have to do a little research then you have to wait a long time I mean in this climate you won't get your tomatoes until August you know they're going until September so the York times had an article in nineteen forty three all about this because a lot of these twenty million people had never gardened before Anil one of their food didn't grow and they're like I don't do this anymore and so they wrote the first year is the hardest in millions of gardens were abandoned because people are so frustrated by the results I would be I have a if if it's the opposite of a green thumb a black thumb like I yesterday I had a friend come to my house and give us flowers she she dropped off some flower she is a business and there if she's about to not have any work so she she went around to some of our friends and and dropped off these beautiful bouquets I I stick it in the toilet a jar no no there's a lot are in there I know I didn't put him in water and then my girlfriend gets home a couple hours later and she's like you tell me like you have to put flowers in water immediately and I'm like I I I would die if it was up to me to grow my own food yup but you'll eat other people's food so you're part of the system yeah I'm a scavenger I I mean I like we I I've grown tomatoes quite a bit of ground peppers a fair bit I've been wanting to make a raised bed in the front yard because I mean I'm not a big lawn person that we got one it's tiny yeah posted stamp but I might as well have a garden there so it's actually it's kind of cool that people are doing that a little bit more the problem of course also is just how much you get predation from squirrels and rats there's all uneasy this year we got a well Nunes with rabbit rabbit and automation is is significant so I mean it's it's it isn't easy to write but what you get it down it's actually really super satisfying so I have applied with the P. patch system here in Seattle last year was my first year and for being a new gardener it was really helpful to be a part of that community because there's always people there and I'm not good at learning by reading on the internet that's just not enjoyable for me so every time I was near my garden some elderly person would walk by and just give you a tip that you never asked for it was always useful right so this year I'm really bummed because we can't be together in the garden right now because of coronavirus entertaining can you still go to okay you got one of the times yes interest to your own plot but it's very very communal usually we would have a public every Wednesday and we would come in there's like a bunch of the beds are we grow a lot of food for the food banks so without having the advice from them I'm dreading it because I have to read some stuff now online like I don't know what to plant and it just doesn't seem as fun but I'm gonna do my garden I mean a victory garden yeah let's talk about beans B. if your magical fruit so this article in The New York Times also a boom time for the bean industry if you've gone to the store you've probably seen that it is hard to get beans right now specifically garbanzo beans have been really hard to come by and so they interviewed a bunch of bean farmers who are like people like peas yeah it's like but Nerdist nerd is suddenly the homecoming king and he doesn't know how to handle it mark my favorite part of this article is each person because they they'll introduce one being Bryson and write a paragraph and then another being person and every single one of them consistently is like what why do people care about these things all the sudden it's like the Oscar speeches they lied to me only like a fuel cell bill yeah so they interviewed a guy from Pullman Washington Tim McGreevey and he's been in the pain business for more than thirty years and he says he's never seen anything like this before he said it's like my best dream but also it's very depressing because of the reason why there's a guy named Steve Sando he runs an heirloom beans supplier called Rancho Gordo that all of us who are deep in the food world like Rancho Gordo was like you really have to order these beans and they're supposed to be really good and bother Bob but he says that he used to be the loneliest man at the farmers market until now so he was getting before this happened on average a hundred fifty to two hundred orders a day now they're getting more than fourteen hundred orders a day so they can't keep up with it because they don't have the staff for this they probably don't have the beans either so they have people working around the clock and then go away which is a really popular brand beans their sales are up four hundred percent they just delivered twenty four million cans to retailers being so so the reason for the being boom is what people are buying beans because they keep yeah you know get their company can they have protein you can make a lot of stuff and they're good pantry items and the dried ones really last forever in this article they said that they found some lentils and any dips into I'm still good yeah really yeah yeah that that actually was a while back there's a big Scientific American did a story on that it is it is it because they're actually they are different but they were still in pretty reasonable shape and you could still sprout landed yet they could well they did in fact yeah in some cases they also found ancient two thousand year old dates that were still viable and and they re planted them I think in Israel to begin these heirloom dates that they said are actually kind of a different date at that particular point that they were eating but it's kind of nice to know exactly what people ate while many many years ago I mean in the apocalypse everyone's going to be farting yeah okay gas is going to be a Sandusky guarantee that's going to be the best part of your day the dog in the house right now only eating beans there was this eat a peanut butter sandwich man it's big being it's been trying to catch him yeah Tim Tim McGreevey yeah he's big beans as the payment technically Elysium it is it is it pronounced that we've only heard lagoon that was very front of you I think I think France is losing but I don't know it could be this I don't like to buy French people this is America what do you what do you what do you call it motorcycle list of Mike okay gotta go okay that's it it's been really fun you guys hang out the hook a pleasure pleasure question mark that's Rachel bell goodbye but he will be back in tomorrow.

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