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Or thunderstorm spots early otherwise cloudy low seventy four so, they're going to be sticky though tomorrow very warm not as oppressive times of clouds times of sun high of eighty-seven We look ahead to Friday. Looks like sunny partly cloudy warm too high near. Eighty eight more. People get their, news from ten ten. Wins than from, any other radio. Station in the nation ama- Jimenez is our service aide, Sarah Miller is at the editor's desk and me I'm Brian Britain News. All the time Views Trumpington wins you'll give. Us twenty two minutes we'll give you the. Word eighty. Four degrees fair skies it's eight, o'clock on. This Wednesday, August eighth I'm Larry Mullins and. Here's what's happening tonight city council says you, won't even notice it but there will be no new app, based HALE writing taxes entering traffic in New York or. At least a year they voted in favor. Of a cap today one of two hot potato. Wishes on the council the dindo will have the detail Shooting in. Valhalla now at hospital leaving a. Man and the woman dead cops now say, it was. A murder suicide they released the, names of. The people, who, were involved also we wanted. To go to, our website and look at, the picture of a lady who walked into the seventy seventh, last night unable to tell, police her name where she. Came from she's a Jane Doe they're hoping. To find her family silver and it's the great. Boxers versus briefs debate part three Wins. AccuWeather cloudy warm and sticky tonight dropping to a low of seventy four and in sports a. Bob you slur the Yankees or in Chicago trying to complete a sweep. Of the White Sox broad support for Jacob degrom and a. Mets win they beat the rich eight to nothing I'm Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg stocks turned in a mixed performance in midweek trading. The crude oil futures fell more than three percent today wins news time eight oh one from your ram trucks traffic center tonight Falco we. Start off in New Jersey on the turnpike eastern spur northbound. Right near interchange. Eighteen we've got one toll lane blocked off because of a disabled tractor trailer. We've also got, delays on one in nine at Manhattan app that's an overturned tractor-trailer blocking the left. Lane westbound side of the cross Bronx at the Alexander. Hamilton, disabled.

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