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Somehow eight point six million people tuned it as per richard deitz our buddy former sports illustrated their media critic if the probowl had been a regular season college game as compared to all the college games and their college game played all year long unnatural gv on many different outlets it would have been the seventhranked regular season called football game there were only six regular season college football games that did a bigger numbered than eight point six the pro bowl did yesterday and for those of you who are nba fans this what might be a little bit scarier because the nba spas leases growing league admits sit snipping away at the heels obe of the national football league in it's the on the come sport there has been town them one nba game so far this year and more than airway to the nba schedule you realize at everybody's played in the 40s in their games now summer sneak up on fifty forty one would be the midway point of an eighty twogame season celebrity played at least forty games and espn's sledge abc as games on national tv all the time i get you call the nba network national tybee although not everybody added tnt certainly its national tv there has been one nba game that is done higher than a point six rating this year and that would be christmas day cavs against the warriors that's the only game all year that has done a higher rating number then yesterday's paul bulbs did the meaningless probowl so if you think that the nfl is still not the rating king yeah i know they're down compared to last year and a year before that of compared to themselves their ratings were down some this year compared to everything else on the planet they are still the boss so gay people watching less tv than they used to that's why the numbers dow not because of any issues that the nfl may be adding they're still king at eight point six jesse for the.

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