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One. Both teams took part at a remembrance ceremony to recognize the victims of the Thousand Oaks shooting massacre prior to the game. The Rams held a special team meeting today and offered thoughts prayers and condolences to the victims of the deadly massacre. Their team headquarters is located on the campus of Cal Lutheran only four miles from the bar and grill where the shooting occurred Ben Rothlisberger through for five touchdown passes and three hundred twenty eight yards as the Steelers route of the Panthers fifty two twenty one and Thursday night football James Cotter ran for a sixty five yard TD but had to leave the game later with a concussion Christian McCaffrey scored all three Carolina touchdowns in a losing cause the AFC north leading Steelers improved a six two. While the Panthers dropped his six and three. It's eleven twenty three coming together at a time of tragedy after the mass murderer and a prayer service at pepper die gathering included. A very somber announcement this is actually where president Benton publicly announced the confirmation of the death of freshman. Alina housley. Ryan Harding is a graphic copy chief with the student newspaper. She says often there were periods of complete silence interrupted only by tears in sobbing. She says the university is doing whatever it can to help lend support different ministers chaplains from other places and opening up the chapel in different offices around campus for people to come. I think one great thing about Pepperdine is no one here is going to let any of their friends feel alone. Everyone is really active about talking to each other in encouraging everyone to get help encouraging words at a very difficult time. Chris Edens KNX ten seventy NewsRadio despite several mass shootings in the. United States every year. We are still no closer to explaining. Why gunmen do it or to finding ways to prevent it before it happens, and the groups of people targeted these shootings, whether they be Jewish people gathering synagogue or college students having fun line dancing are almost identical to the gunman shooting at the we talked a forensic psychiatrist park. Dietz? I'm doing it to women because they won't go out with me. I'm doing it to Jews because.

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