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Was added for the rest the night or day more than that there were nine seven nine it was on the bungled fake punt he only god right yeah that's a good way of putting it so the first quarter though that Broncos game last night actually kind of entertaining Broncos down ten to six after one quarter the not so entertaining the Broncos rush for only seventy one yards all night Joe Flacco sacked eight times the only Brock found his way into the end zone was at Royce Freeman who scored on that one yard touchdown run the opening drive Broncos lose the Kansas city thirty to six here's correct Joe Flacco his response to the night my pretty much you would say that that it didn't go well defensive lineman so here is a little bit more outspoken after the game especially considering chiefs quarterback Patrick my homes left the game after dislocating his knee cap in the second quarter and being replaced by thirty five year old veteran Matt Moore the Broncos they thought a two one five will be the three into cold that next Sunday Super Bowl back in action tomorrow at Washington state bus coming up that forty five to three dropping against Oregon again that they committed fourteen penalty is for a hundred and fourteen yards coverage on K. way begins at three o'clock kick off is at five o'clock ABS back on the ice in Florida tonight to take on the Panthers they drop the puck at five o'clock of course the avalanche to set their first loss of the season on Wednesday night against Pittsburgh they lost in overtime the ALCS game four between the Yankees and Astros all Houston last night Astros throttle New York eight to three behind two three run home runs to take a three to one series lead sports fifteen forty five I'm Julie Brahmin for K. when is okay we do five five forty five right now on Colorado's morning news efforts to clear previous pot related convictions in Denver off to a crawling start the Denver post reporting only sixty people have had their convictions vacated the first six months of that program that's worth more than thirteen thousand people eligible officials say many had to be turned away because our convictions didn't qualify or their cases happened in other jurisdictions only eleven people have had their records cleared in boulder secretary state Mike Pompeii hoping he assured Israeli or is sure it hoping that he assured Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu the president trump's moves in Syria won't threaten the Jewish state Pompeii flew to Jerusalem after he and vice president Mike pence met with Turkish present reset want a non corrupt everyone agreed to Paz's troops invasion of northern Syria for five days Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders have been on edge since Turkish forces attacked Syrian Kurdish fighters after the president pull American troops out of Kurdish held areas earlier in the month president trump confirming Rick Perry resigning as energy secretary somebody that's going to be going I guess at the end of the year I'm going to miss you so much trump told reporters in North Texas Perry and done a wonderful job in the department of energy and made it a great place to work that is NBC news radio is mark may feel the president says a new energy secretary will be announced soon rumors have been swirling about his future though Perry had denied his departure was imminent former Broncos and see you bust defensive lineman Justin Bannan being held on five hundred thousand dollars bond in connection with the shooting in boulder police say he was arrested on Wednesday on multiple charges including attempted murder in the shooting that left a woman with non life threatening injuries that happened at black labs sports arrest record show band and appeared to be in a drug induced state and told investigators the Russian mafia was after him today is national mammography day president Bill Clinton proclaimed this national day in nineteen ninety three to remind women to protect themselves against breast cancer by getting a mammogram a mammogram can often detect a problem before there's an outward sign that is Phil Hewlett reporting of course October is national breast cancer awareness month coming up here on Colorado's morning news we're going to be getting more insight about the week in Washington as we talk with ABC's Rick Klein that's coming up in about five minutes right.

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