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Let's get right to our top story he would tell me he loved me says a heartbroken that is a Franco he said I was his everything on Friday morning she dropped off her fifty eight year old husband Arturo Franco Melinda's to volunteer at the first southern Baptist church but as he was loading food donations into a car police say a driver may have confused the pedals pinning and killing him there are worse explain what a great human being he was she tells us in Spanish a person you could say who was exceptional it's a feeling echoed by fellow parishioners who remember a compassionate soul who lived in San Fernando volunteered at the food bank and so mark twice a week for the last few years even the pandemic only spurred him to work harder for those he helped he was so enthusiastic it's such a delight it is good to be around him enough he actually enjoy act like he enjoyed doing what he's doing he would say he wanted to lead is service to god to help those who didn't have enough to eat says that as of Fargo he would say if I can why would not she tells us her husband would often come home from volunteering exhausted but smiling pleased by the generosity he saw and the PC gave him now she's trying to draw a piece from all those we now remember him with fondness.

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