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Gamble capital in Finn viewers on Monday nights is of the darkness sets in on our Reality check larger than live. We do it in seven o'clock outside If weather permitting, and don't forget Saturday, we have a road show will be at the Erlanger. Ellesmere v F W all. I want you out of his place as starting at one before the Louisville Notre Dame game. That'll be fun. Just kind of happen up getting ready for the game just under half way to ST Patty's Day. So where your green come out and have a couple again, I and maybe some Jamison with us there you go. Something about that now high school football. Most people didn't think we'd get to this point. I didn't and there have been and there have been a handful. Off games that had to be cancelled because of covert 19 and there's two as of now playoff games. Taylor against Wyoming, Wyoming will advance and so for anybody asking out there what happens if a team has a positive case or multiple cases? They simply you can't There's no fun in the NFL shifted games. The Tuesday night and this night moved in the later can't do that in high school. So the tailor Wyoming game, Wyoming advances Troy and Edgewood in division to Edgewood advances, So it's unfortunate. I feel bad and don't forget in Ohio If you're eliminated from the playoffs last week was the first week you can start in a lot of schools of doing this playing regular season games tomorrow night the following Friday. And the next Friday What would be a 10 week season? Some are doing that, so Yeah, well, wait. What? So so if you lost last week You can schedule because we're trying to get him a 10 game season, which would be the normal remember they went to the truncated six players out of the playoffs. But you can finish your regular clothes and after the play, let correct and that's okay. I mean, if you got young guys and you wanted to get some more experience in six games does not make a scene or seven because you would have lost the first round of the playoffs. Not everybody's doing that. But some are just to get more rapid, more reps more experience and give the kids mortgage Ames especially if you're a potential scholarship, kid, and you want film, Mohr You got a shot? I'd never even heard. That was potentially so they They announced that back in August. Now Indiana normal weeks. They have a nine week regular season. They start their postseason next week. This is the final week of point in Kentucky back things up, and they still got a few more weeks of the regular season now. Some intriguing matchups tomorrow night in Division one region for get a load of these and these are pretty good, so these would be quarterfinals. Cold rain. Is that Mason? Okay, that should be a good one. Lakota East is at top seed unbeaten Lakota West arrival game that didn't get played because they had to change around the league schedule. So now they played in the postseason. Elder travels the number two seed Princeton. That should be a good game, the Vikings or six and one elder. I think a lot of people think as a shot to continue and Top seeded Saint ex In the region. I should say second, See West this topsy hosting Moeller second time around. So that's a greater Catholic League rematch. Moeller on the road last week one of Hamilton 43 27, so some of the voting or not voting teams in certain positions. May be backfiring a little bit, but anyway, so those are some pretty interesting games who called that? I don't know somebody I think everybody in the Skyline Chili crosstown showdown this week I'll be on the south side of the river again. Get a load of these numbers. Fred and your high school Louisville. Trinity has won 26 Kentucky State Championships more than any other team, right? But get a load of Highlands Is that company Catholic tomorrow night? That's where we'll be with the showdown. Really in the game in northern Kentucky Highlands is 1 23. Cause cancers 18. They've only lost once They want two of the last three, the one they did when they lost by four points in the state final. They want eight or 81 in state title games. So think about that those two schools of combining win 31 ST Tail's beach was actually third. In the state Cup cast, tied for seventh Beach was 1 14. That's pretty good representation for northern Kentucky third thing again. I'm kidding. You just You spun me with some almost some covert ask numbers there. I did the way you rattle that stuff. I'd sit and I'm just I marvel at your ability to do that. Well, it just when you're you know, that's what you've done for, you know, two decades, but I'll be out there tomorrow. What are you talking about? That's a lot. But I don't know what it means on the means of these day, and programs are good on the campus A cup Can't tomorrow night kickoff is seven o'clock. You should check it out at X Town showdown Our Twitter I'll be doing a right before kickoff, a halftime update and then a post game. Recap. So should be a lot of fun. Of course. Michel mayor who graduated from company Catholic last year, is now at Notre Dame caught his first touchdown pass. And it was kind of cool. I got go out and do these promo videos during the week and I talked to Ah coach Eddie Evanston and asked to players including his quarterback, Caleb Jacob, if they kind of Do they get together and watch Michael Merrily said, Man there's ripping off tax back and forth. And are you surprised this kid? Most people believe he stays healthy. He will be a NFL tight end like Kyle Rudolph from elder and set our kids. I mean, 652 40 something like that is pretty damn good. That's good stuff well, and you know, we haven't really even talked about The Bangles. But you know you talk about matriculating to cover a little bit of that during our last call with George Vogel coming up here at 11 50, But yeah, and I'll be honest with you. I kind of lost track. You mentioned Trinity. I kind of lost track of their pretty good this year where I know they've been very good, but where they are in the because I don't know what the Kentucky playoffs at 6 A.m. there, six say. Now, there's only six in Kentucky there six and camphor A when I was there, You know, it's very funny when I was looking at some of doing the research. Highlands and Cuff can't have been in a number of different classifications. But I will ask you a quick Bangles question with a J green. You saw the Jets Theywill Avion bell? Yep. Good riddance. With a J agree. What do you do? I mean, there's there's there's debate about the semantics. Dude, did he say trade me on the sideline? Whatever he clearly clue in, and and he did. A zoom called Lance and Rocky talked about this on Bangles round table Tonight, I heard some of the comments from aging. I will tell you up into this point. I respect and really liked a J green, right? He kept his mouth shut. He played hard always. But I gotta tell you, man, I don't know this year. I mean, and I beat down.

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