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The KO Phi financial report brought to you By BAE Alarm, The Dow closed up 160 S and P 505. NASDAQ Down 87 Gold is 18 44. Announce oil is 41. 76 a barrel. The KO Phi Money report is brought to you by BAE Alarm Because if your securities not the best, your not secure visit bay alarm dot com to get protected today, a trough of low pressure brings an onshore wind flow starting tomorrow. And that'll lower temperatures for the rest of the week. Our valleys and inland empire will only climb to the mid and upper eighties. Making for no fry July and our warm up this weekend is just a few degrees. Anthony Honest NBC for Right now 81 in Rancho Santa Margherita. It's 90 for an Orange 86 Chatsworth in 88 in West Hills. Really local live from the kick off I 24 hour news room. I'm Debra mark more than 150 possible covert. 19 vaccines are currently in development, a race not so much against each other, but against the ever accelerating spread of the virus. Summer camps. Birthday parties playdates at the pool for a lot of kids. The pandemic has spoiled it all. And now, some counselors say more Children are experiencing anxiety and depression. Now salons can reopen outside. With restrictions. We are back to square one on and I don't know what to think. What's gonna happen from here? Corona Virus Shut down. Day 125. John Kensho, John Cho belt. Ken Chan. Poets can fi and 6 40 live everywhere on the I Heart radio after. Yeah,.

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