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Fair Hello? Oh, 40 year old Frank Winchester was shot and killed in southeast in the area of 14th and L streets, And that's where the emotional gathering took place. His longtime girlfriend and mother to his son, Chamara Baylor, says of the killer or killers. They took Her father from, Ms said so Lucky and county didn't turn it so fair. Harry Carey Caldwell worked with Winchester at Fraser's. You hear all the time and somebody get shot for me get shocked When it's somebody like this. You just can't understand. Read more at w t o p dot com In Southeast Michelle Bash w. T O P News. Two men are dead after a shooting at an apartment complex in East River Dale this morning. Prince George's County police say the shooting happened at around eight on Hamilton Street. Edmondson Road. When officers arrived at the apartment, they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. They were pronounced dead at the scene. We're hearing acting police Chief Malik diseases on the scene and we'll give you all the details as we get them about what took place here on W T o p A woman impaled by an umbrella in Ocean City three years ago, is suing the town and the rental business that own the umbrella. Jill Madrigal was hit by an umbrella after it was picked up by a wind gust. The tip of it had to be surgically removed from her body. She claims the town failed to warn of the dangers of leaving an umbrella open during a wind advisory and claims the business 85 sunny. Shouldn't have left the umbrella open with that advisory in place. She's seeking more than $150,000 in federal court. W T. O P reached out to the city and rental company for comment. Coming up after traffic and weather on w T o P Facebook's at the potential end date for the suspension of former President Trump's account. It's 12 07. This is Dr Tracy Applebaum, coming to you from Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital. Many of you are wondering how dangerous the cicadas already your pets. Well, they are not toxic. It is very important that you monitor Your dogs.

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