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Breaking the beach retrial will move forward. I'm Jack Cronin in the Kogo New Center, a vote of 56 to 44 in the U. S said. Over a constitutional question before the official trial starts tomorrow did pass and so things will move forward. They will be back to back 16 our testimonies from both sides of the aisle among those going to move forward New California Senator Alex Padilla. I've only been in the Senate for a couple of weeks now, but wanted to be part of this important process until it up to my important responsibility. 16 hours of arguments on both sides that will start tomorrow. Here in San Diego, the county Republican Party has endorsed Marco Contreras. The special election. The race for the 79th Assembly district. Shirley Weber, appointed secretary of State in California by Governor Gavin Newsom. So the San Diego Assembly cedar We filled with a primary April 6th a special election June 8th contrary is getting the Republican Party endorsement of run against the Democratic Party. Endorsement is Webber's daughter, Akila Weber locates the City Council member. On the other side. The seventh district includes Lemon Grove, Lamaze, the National City, Tula vista and parts of the city of San Diego. Parents with students in Sandhya Ghetto, Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside, San Marcos and pound away a swell since Anita Schools are all coming together, try and get their kids back into actual classroom teacher answered, he tells her reporting partner 10 News. Many teachers feel like the discussion's over reopening schools have been hostile and unproductive. I feel on social media has established themselves as a group that is Addressing this in a way that is very much attacking teachers. The California Teachers Association says they want teachers vaccinated before returning to the classroom. Jenny Merrifield doesn't have kids in school anymore, but feels the pain of parents and was one of the organizers of the parent Association of North County are messages. Students first We have to have our school district's focus on the needs of students Mary Field, adding They don't want students to go to an unsafe campus either, but students need to have representation. Zachary Barnes Kogan News and the pollution from me to you. Juan River Valley now officially a public health crisis. The county Board of Supervisors unanimously voting today to approve the declaration Supervisor Nora Vargas, saying the things are long overdue. When it comes to San Diego on the border. We will continue to work on federal efforts to address transparent pollution of the decline of River Valley and we'll be supporting the Border Water Restoration and Protection Act to bring more federal dollars to the region. For years, our low income communities of color have been placed on the sightlines. This is not sustainable and will not be longer tolerated for supervisors also proving $30 million in Corona virus relief for businesses that been impacted by the pandemic. Let's check in now on your real time Traffic.

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