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Of Dylan is like in what I talked to holly talked about was Roberto Duran. And you know who is the best middleweight? He seems some mystical and mysterious disease that way when you talk normally Robert Zimmerman. If, you say boxing. Okay You're right there with them. Wow. You know. Isn't that weird you know that certain guys are so locked in in that. Here's Lou Reed we used to live together at Chelsea hotel which was. Sodom and Gomorrah Modern Day Solomon more. There were people there sitting in the lobby who couldn't get their key in the door. Because they were so heroin out and he was one of them. And I see him later any goes alice how you doing Oh hey, Lou, how you doing it looks pretty good. And he goes Oh. Yeah. He says, Hey, listen I'm hitting the ball little bit right and then go. You're playing golf Lou Reid's playing goal and he goes. To playing golf. Yeah. We wouldn't be having this conversation twenty five years ago. It's Chelsea Hotel he goes no. What how is it that you could go from heroin to golf and somehow it would change would is this there's something about You, stand up in front of the ball. And you hit it and you hit a great shot. Yeah. And it goes right down the middle and you go. Oh Yeah. That's just like taking a really great hit whatever you're doing. You'll chase that. You'll take five or six horrible hits. In bad shots to get one more like that and you hit you hit another good one. Now you're back. I said Lord help you if you hit twenty good shots in around because now you're gonNA play every day. And it's the biggest addiction. Gulf is like is like the crack of Sports Nobody's ever called it that present. Today Yeah. That is. It right of sports hours, but you'd meet guys that were addicted and they all go interesting. Yeah I've always wanted to learn I always I think that'd because Huckabee bad for so long before I would be even competent and I have so many friends that golf billy. Gremlins told me she said, you know Greg issue learn how to golf and I said White said because many of the people I've met that I've been able to share the gospel with I. Met Him Golfing Golf with Bob Hope with people that would become congressmen and senators leader President where I said, I wouldn't vote for president didn't play golf you know. GOLF ANY PRESIDENT SAYS I don't cheated golf yeah. Don't vote for him because he's lying. Every president everybody I know cheats at golf not not when you're when you're playing with your friends not seeing you're just playing playing around in a tournament though you can't cheat you know or if you're playing for money, you can't cheat. But when you're. When you're playing with your friends and you say I, don't cheat come on who are people that you've go with that we would never think I'll scooper would golf on Groucho Groucho? Marx I've played. Bob Hope Bob hope of. Gopher. Club out in this part of his damn him and bing crosby. Yes..

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