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Yes we take a look at who is coming out of the Democrats flown car into the center ring they come just one guy coming over from her today it's senator Bernie Sanders union workers in Ohio as a campaign for twenty twenty he says the president is going back on his promise to deliver healthcare to America the call the president a pathological liar what he is doing that is even worse than that trying to win votes for the fighting the American people that is an ugly thing you know no matter what you if you may be on healthcare education of the environment what a president understands that the function of the presidency is bringing people together no elections are all about dividing people but now the Democrats because they realize that when things get divided up for twenty twenty there's not to be to their benefit now all of sudden missile worst thing in the world to divide people up believe me if you want to draw a sharp contrast between capitalism and the radical left you will by definition divide people up the presumption is that there are more people on the capitalist side than on the socialist side and that presumption should bring victory November twenty twenty harbor to get back in the clown car get out of the center ring you're gone for so talk radio six eighty W. should be now.

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