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Big books. The talisman and black house which are connected or sort of the two. That i'm surprised haven't been adapted. Yeah toscano a pretty big deal. I mean there's opportunity and maybe like. I wonder how involved he is and in decision making process. Do you know like does he get the thumbs up or down on whether or not something gets adapted or who gets adapted by like he turns somebody down and just hope that somebody else asks later. If they think he'll do a better job honestly i've heard he will let anyone make anything if they pay for the rights and he does. What's called the dollar babies. So you can take a short story or novella and by the rights for a dollar and i think that is mostly done for filmmakers who are early in their careers student filmmakers because that is actually how i think frank darabont got to do shawshank. I could be wrong on that. It's been a while since. I've read that in done that episode but it isn't avella and it doesn't apply to the actual novels so it's very interesting the way he does the rights because he wants to give everyone sort of a chance to make their own versions of his stories. But you know we know that he does not like kubrick's the shining even though it's fantastic we. It's not really good as an adaptation because it changes so many things like this except good right except still one of the greatest moves ever made your maybe not the best example there but i think it's just fun to see what people come up with. And obviously the more people adapt things of his the more episodes. I will have to do of this. I know by the time everyone's listening to this. We're getting pretty close to cut up. Which is exciting. And i know that a lot of his stuff. Now it's getting option before the releases even come out like the institute was already option for tv or something like right when it came out. I remember the announcement being like the day of the day after something crazy like that the bidding wars on those must be crazy especially now you know because it blew up. Dr sleep blew up. You have the net flicks originals. That are good from what i know. Anyway i have only seen gerald's game at this point but i think the quality has gone up quite a bit for productions so it makes these things a little more exciting. Because you know you're not going to get something like you would get with an eighties a patient for king. Yeah it's it's. I mean i watch a lot of it. It's it's not just because it's king you know like it. It's just that his stories are so good and they're compelling it's like something you wanna put on it doesn't it's not like i'm going out and i'm watching everything the stephen king may because i don't have a podcast requires me to do so. I do it for all of you. But i watch a lot of it. It's crazy. yeah and it simply because either you know you fred. The book or you're just familiar with the story because there have been two three adaptations exactly. You're like yeah. I never really wanted to watch that movie but other remaking it and i liked the person that's in it share. Yeah i'll watch this right. Yeah well you know what i do. Hope that they that they stopped giving him to mike flanagan. He needs to take a break from from the stuff and try something new. I liked mike flanagan but he he needs to instill kind of walk away from horror for a minute. I think and try something else interesting. Take jacob. I just finished fly manner. That's that's on top of mind. Yeah i personally wouldn't mind if he keeps doing horror. But that's just me and you know. I might be a little biased. The thing is like he makes a movie like hush which is great. It's you know it's i think. Hushes under underappreciated. And it's a good movie to recommend to people because they might not have heard of it. I think it's it's probably on netflix. All of this stuff is now. Yeah but hushes amazing oculus which is just so bad. It's just so uninteresting. I haven't seen that one. I have seen hush though. I don't know this isn't on mike. Flanagan podcast it might become one. He does do a lot of stephen king stuff Some we'll jacob. Thank you for coming on to talk about the missed today. it's been fun. Yes thank you for having me in for doing this so far in advance. Yeah no problem. It helps me out down the line. Somewhere yeah. I hope that this will give you a little bit of a break. I know it won't you just don't be afraid to just take some time off. I know that you like to build up your your back catalogue and everything but then you just keep building up the back kyle back catalogue sometime. Take a little break. Hopefully by the time everyone is listening to this. I will have done that in the next nine months. I share anyway. Thank you again. This is great podcasts. congratulations. I think she just had one hundred episodes. Yeah by the time. Everyone's listening to this though. That would have been forty episodes go. That's amazing while still congratulations. Thank you because it just happened. That that's awesome. Yeah we're time traveling here on this episode all right. That does it for this episode of chad cemetery. You can support the podcast on patriotic for a dollar month. You'll get a thank you on the show for two dollars a month. I will send you a chat cemetery sticker and if you want to follow us on social media you can do so at chat cemetery on twitter. Instagram and facebook. You could also rate and review the show. That's a huge help. And as always thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy the rest of your day..

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