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Never end Richard show voice of Santa Fe on the leader all right the verdict because state senator Richard Martinez basically got off the hook today the judge sent the state senator drunk driving Hey senator to five days in jail in eighty five days of supervised probation this is the according to the Twitter account of Santa Fe new Mexican gems ari gold is in the corner court room so five days in jail eighty five days as super by a supervised probation I thought it was seven days Max are minimum for the M. become combination of D. W. I. N. aggravated but apparently just five days and eighty five days of of probation supervised maybe as to where one of those ankle bracelets that actually rats you out if you drink alcohol sniffs out the alcohol sweat glands and informs the I. informs the judge the you're drinking on anyway that is that's the latest from the court room Richard Martina sentenced to five days in jail eighty five days a supervised probation anything more coming down on the keep an eye on that just in case that changes anything anything more comes down that's the latest that for maybe I maybe does work maybe the knees cuter does work or the Walker does work for the Harvey Weinstein's on Wall Street today the Dow was down quite a bit that was down a hundred and twenty points today finishing the day at twenty eight thousand five eighty four S. and P. was down nine points down to thirty two thirty seven and the nasdaq or was down about three points finishing at nine thousand and sixty nine all three indices off the down the most down about a hundred and twenty points four two four twelve sixty when chat about anything on your mind the cincy no se sandy or anything else today including the war and the war with them in on and then the threats of war going on in Iran and Iraq we'll be joined by Dana Cooper N. Marauder Kirdar talk about this kind of animal shelter fund raiser which is this Sunday down a tumble route down on our free and then a Cooper one of the acts as well as Stephanie had fill your clock today Paul Gibson from retake our democracy all right there is another candidate who has announced for the seat up in Espanol that is as they represent a seat currently held by Joe says Sanchez Democrat from all called a and he is running for the third congressional district seat nomination is he currently held by been right will on of course running for United States Senate as his mark on getting and I'm not getting so Republican there are Republicans in Espanol Republican of the mayor is a Republican Republican Espanol city councilor Justin Salazar Taurus announced yesterday his intention to run for the state house seat district forty currently held by representative say representative Joseph Sanchez sellers are Torres said in a statement yesterday that is running to do more to support education and to break this cycle of trial violence cells are tore is also said more needs to be done to combat the state's opioid epidemic too many children are dying or being injured and not enough is being done to address new Mexico's child services crisis our children do not have the safety emotional in it educational support they need Salvatore's works as a technician at Los Alamos National Laboratory and as a funeral director keep.

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