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The federal epa should administration estimated last year that there are about one point one billion drones in news and predicts the number could grow to four point five billion by 2021 an internal investigation at the red cross revealed fraud by workers wasted at least six million dollas meant to fight the deadly ebola outbreak in west africa investigation looked at how the organisation handled more than one hundred and 24 million dollas during the epidemic the killed more than eleven thousand people in see lee out of liberia and guinea the report says as much as two point one three million dollas disappeared as the result of likely collusion between red cross staff and employees at a sierra leonian bank it's belief the money was lost when they improperly fixed the exchange rate at the height of the epidemic the international federation of the red cross and red crescent society britain's queen elizabeth ii has invested some of her private money in offshore tax havens according to newly leaked papers documents obtained by the international consortium of generalists revealed the queen's investment managers placed roughly ten million pounds in offcial portfolios in the cayman i lindh's and bermuda investments were made in two thousand four and two thousand and five by the duchy of lancaster the queen's private financial manager a touch of lancaster confirmed in a statement that some of its investments all in overseas accounts it said that all of its investments were legitimate the queen taste taxes on the income jim china rated by her holdings in the duchy of lancaster documents show she has vast financial assets including luxury realestate valuable artwork and jewelry she soul said.

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