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This is Dan Patrick meet Friday. It's our two. And in the danettes Dan, Patrick show spent some time with Dirk Novitsky circuses in Tom, Terry Francona joins us in twenty minutes, but Dirk, coming back for his twenty first season looks like he and Vince Carter will be a package deal when they decide to retire play one more year and feels like that'll be it for Dirk. Nowitzki pretty impressive career though. He says that his teammates are calling him seven now because LeBron's going gonna pass him on the all time scoring list. So he's going to be seven, seventh all-time, you know, you'd kill to be seven th on the all-time scoring list so I could take that kind of jab. That'd be pretty good. Hey, that's fine. Call me seven. Yeah. Pulling all his teammates combined. The Mavs are not seventh on the all time scoring list and all their careers together. All right. So Terry Francona will join us. We were debating the possibil-. Of the nationals. If they would trade Bryce Harper, I guess it's not out of the question. I guess it would take something monumental to have them consider doing something like that, but he's a free agent at the end of the year. This a team that is going to cap off a second straight month of sub five hundred baseball. Their third so far this season and. You got the GM Mike Rizzo who's got a really important. You know, this is what this means right now for the future of the nationals in what you do if you do anything, and then what the off season is going to be with ten free agents. The GM told Joel Sherman reporter out of New York that something extreme would have to happen for us to consider moving him. Now he didn't get into the hypothetical. He didn't. He didn't say, well, if somebody gave us five prospects, but extreme means whatever the dodgers gave up for Manny Machado, we would like more than that and the dodgers gave up five prospects for Manny Machado. But you know, do you trade Bryce Harper? What do you get for Bryce Harper? Plus, if you look at you got max Scherzer who's not a young guy would assures her thirty three. You Stephen Strasburg going on the DL. You got a manager who's on the hot seat? Yes. Mclovin. What if you had Bryce Harper in a potent lineup where you couldn't pitch around and he can't hit it all, but he's still leading the National League of walks. If he was between like Stanton and judge, you'd have to throw fastballs or if you had or the dodgers lineup or the, he could be really ridiculous in the second half if you had to pitch them. Okay. But you're picking the Yankees and the dodgers the Phillies with Hoskins? Well, I know, but, but you know, what are the Yankees have to give now they've been, they've been trained and they got Britain and hap. So they traded some prospects. The dodgers just gave up five to get Manny Machado. So who do you have left that those teams? I think the cubs could be the dark horse here where the own the cubs might be able to swing something. They picked up a Cole hamels here. Kris Bryant is on the ten day l. but you know, Chicago might might be the team to keep an eye out, but I don't think anything's going to happen here with Bryce Harper. Dan, your cats, rake labor Toya's. It's got to be, you can't glade glare breath. You can't trade glacier toys. A Yankee fans like. Thank you. Know we we, there's no way we can give up labor tours. Yes. I drive home today with just New York radio Keeble. They're going to say that they should get replace Aaron, judge. It's going to be like, well, we can get, you know, the biggest week at Bryce Harper for backup outfielder. You'd have.

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