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Eight thirty again the breaking news we have for you about ten minutes ago a federal judge has rejected a challenge by president trump to keep eight years of his tax returns under wraps meaning the president will have to turn those returns over judge Victor Marrero said the president's argument is in the judge's words repugnant to the nation's governmental structure and constitutional values president trump's lawyers say they do plan to appeal the ruling and we're expecting to have more on this shortly stay tuned the impeachment in Korea president trumpeting up steam with news of a second whistleblower coming forward democratic senator Chris Coons says this new witness makes the investigation of the president more important than ever with additional facts coming out with an additional whistle blower and that's frozen a lot of Republicans in place out of fear that they don't know what's gonna drop next and I think it gives added urgency to the house impeachment inquiry as they try to get to the bottom of this get the facts out and get their inquiry moving forward quickly with Congress out for another week a tweet from attorney mark Zaid said a second individual could corroborate the original whistleblowers complaint U. S. Supreme Court returns to the bench this week they're set to take up some hot button issues including gun rights immigration and abortion Arian to folk reports the next year being an election year the politics of the justices are the subjects of concern liberals are worried about the direction if this court because Cavanaugh took the seat of justice Anthony Kennedy was largely seen as a swing vote for some of these issues and all eyes will be on Chief Justice John Roberts he's been trying to keep the court out of the political fray but many of these cases will come down as the election gears up first case the High Court will consider is the death penalty case from Kansas about whether states can abolish an insanity defense for criminal defendants the justices will also hear arguments today in a challenge to a murder conviction by a non unanimous jury in Louisiana four people were killed another five injured in a shooting at a private bar in Kansas city here's the mayor David Alvy.

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