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Each wage like, oh, Tom. Hey, wink, wink, you know. So I thought they wanted Tom to win that Joe lot of Tom green tonight. Also got a good time in Kedah got a good shot at the America's favorite player now or LAC de 'cause locked. He was pretty funny. I think lock these too far back Taryn, right? Yeah. He he's he's been off the show too long. Yeah. Okay. The real competition, then is Tom and K mart. Maybe or what should go third. It'll be two more. I think I think tamer has a shot. I think it's probably between Tom and Tamar from what I've seen from the casual viewers. They are all about Tom, and they don't like Tamar. But the there is like a a large taymor fan base from the live feed contingent. So I mean, that's the one that got her the publicist win firstly. So plus she was all over the road tonight. So, but she does have some good one liners. I'll give. That she's TV. She's she knows what she's doing. Yeah. She does. Okay. All right. Well, I'm really glad that we got a chance to say. Hi to you guys your hands full over there. I appreciate you making time for us. This is so fun. Thank you for having me. And then and then in the summer comeback here in person. Okay. All right. All right. Take care Brendan and punish. Okay. Brendon and Rachel everybody. Okay. Okay. Let's go ahead and try this. Okay. Up. Hold on. And we'll see. Yeah. They're all right. Good. I liked. It was I knew it was going to be a little bit of a wonky transit onto the case. They got Brendon Rachel everybody. They go. All right. All right. Let's let's talk about what we saw here. Tonight, must we. I mean, let's let's go through. It's always it's always fun. And then we'll hear you know, what we can look forward to. But allie. What was the highlight of the night in your mind? I mean, my take I kept a running list of the season. No, not even for this, generally. And one of my first thoughts early on was can you imagine? How insufferable the diary rooms that didn't make air must be. And then we got to see like a full Cup show of how over bowl those DR's were. So I think that was a highlight if you count like me feeling fulfilled. I did like the Cato trying to make Ricky left segment a lot. We judge Sean bit. I was like to jump in. But it's brunch. And I was just like oh can't. Yeah. Love that moment. You did you feel like that it illustrated? What a tough crowd Ricky is. Or maybe that Kato needs some work here actually alley. I want to do here is that I thought of this when I was getting ready for the show what I'd like to do is play Kato's material for you. And see if we get if if we if we can get you to crack, a smile if that's possible. Should you be up for that? Yeah. I mean. Sure. And then. Yes. Okay. So here was this. This was the conversation that led up to that. Ricky Kato was funny. Like one thousand of the time he was playing one thousand time according to to Ricky so I had the whole the whole routine. I don't mean to put you spot at you up for this this challenge. I'm throwing this at you. Let's I mean, I'm not like that nervous because I'm look I'm from jersey. So I'm not offended by these nuts jokes. But if that's like the bar to get Ricky to laugh, and he couldn't laugh in that minute. I'm not working what we're gonna cut before. Then we're only sixty seconds of the. All right. Let's see. Let's see. Let's see how tough of an audience alley is here is the latest and give it up for Mr. Kato kaylin. Would you go short cut metal? Jerry. Ricky Williams called me smiles..

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