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He raided the offices of organizations to stop them from registering voters that type of voter suppression feeds the narrative because hunter suppression isn't only about blocking the vote is also about creating an atmosphere of fear making people worried that their votes won't count as the next governor of Georgia. I will work with the secretary of state to ensure that there is no question that the right to vote in Georgia is not a privilege. It is. Indeed, a right that belongs to those were Georgia citizen. And I will work hard to make it. So Mr. camp would you like to just factually, not true? Seventy five percent of the people after you take out people that were pending like my seventeen and a half year old daughter was pinned on the pending list. When she turned eighteen she came off when you take off people that had registered that had a potential double nine or when you count people like Jesus from heaven street that are only list they are on the pending list. No one's keeping them from voting. Seventy five percent of the people are being held because of something that was pre cleared. Lou. The Obama Justice department because their social security number didn't match later used the online system that miss Abrams voted against they would not be having this issue. She is blaming me for a problem. This her grown created savings will give you a chance to responsibly. Do wanna get Mr. Mets involved here. You can expound on the initial question or have a particular. Question for you. You represent the libertarian party. Your polling far behind your two front runners here does the issue of possible voter suppression strike a nerve with you. And would you go as far as justifying the concerns of a lot of people out there that this race is being rigged? I feel as if it's much ado about nothing. The real issue here is if you look at the voter turnout for past elections. Less than sixty percent of the voters ever actually turn out. The most recent pew nationwide survey showed that forty percent of people identified as independence less than thirty percent of people identified as Republicans in less than thirty percent of identified as Democrats. The problem is that we don't have a third voice in government for independence to actually listen to you and to vote for so the whole thing about the voter suppression this and that, you know, they're they're trying to pull us apart and vote for one of the teams, they there are more people that are more interested in her hearing a third voice then voting for team rider team blew. So again, I don't think it's as large as an issues this being blown up to be. Lastly, I promised questions for all of you miss Abrams. This one is for you, and you can expound on that are answering this, but the pending applicants the fifty three thousand still have an opportunity to vote by law. Once their information is cleared digging trust that process, and if not how will you seek immediate intervention since. Your campaign stands to lose the most. I began by saying this is believe anyone who has submitted an eligible registration form should try to vote. If you're on the pending list absolutely going cast a ballot. But the reality is voter suppression is not simply about being told. No is about being told it's going to be hard to cast a ballot. And that's the deeper concern that I have because under his eight years of leadership. Mr. Kemp has created a atmosphere of fear around the right to vote in the state of Georgia. I've worked hard as a leader in the state. I did not vote against online registration. I loaded against hiding. Our judicial elections in primaries, which is what Republicans were doing to reduce turnout. I voted for absolutely protecting the right to vote and expanding that right to vote. I did it not only as a legislator. I did it as a private citizen who raised the money to make certain the least likely voters would have an opportunity to have their voices heard. And I stand by that work and a federal judge held Mr. Kemp accountable for the exact match system. In two thousand sixteen that is the same system. We're debating today whether it's fifty three thousand or five thousand or five Abrams, I saw in five Georgians are being denied the right or afraid of the right to vote. Guardians of the public dreicer camp. Thirty seconds. No one's being denied the right of the vote is never been easier to register in our state, if miss Abrams folks that she's registering with paper applications had used the online system, and we're using their state issued ID or their Georgia. They would not be having these problems the reason they're having these problems is because her canvassers didn't fill the form out correctly. They couldn't get the last four digits of the social security, right? That issue was pre cleared by the Obama Justice department. If you wanna blame somebody Bryant buying pro President Obama, we are following the law in Georgia. This has been going on for fifty years. And that is why we have a record number of people on the roles are seven million people that have correctly filled the form out, and she's blaming me for view that they couldn't do that. Or they simply don't exist. Fourteen percent of these people are. Held over from two thousand fourteen when she accused me of doing something we went to court, and we won on all ten counts out of fairness to our other panelists. They have questions as well. We're continuously asked me he didn't already seconds quickly, first and foremost in two thousand fourteen with the judge said was not that he acquitted Mr. camp, what he said was that there was no legal basis because he had no obligation to actually do his job in a timely fashion. That's because in the state of Georgia, you're not required to timely process applications, and it's very misleading to suggest otherwise. But the larger issue is this online voter registration works in communities that have broadband going back to Mr. Molloy's question. One of the things I would do is expand access to rural broadband because you can't do online voting communities where you can't get access to a cell phone or to a computer. Thank you very much. We'll continue with Frank Malloy us will be for all of you. How do you convince voters in central and South Georgia that you care about what they think that the what's best for the Atlanta metro areas. Best for Georgia philosophy won't hold true under your leadership will start with you. Well, we're going to start again with with industrial hemp allowing farmers to grow a crop. That can give them a cash crop. That actually is something that's important that can save the environment that can save the soil cetera et cetera. Is the first step to prove to the farmers in rural Georgia that we care about them. The other thing is we can we can do all sorts of things with. Table farm-to-table distribution systems. We seven counties in Georgia that don't even have a grocery store. You know, the thing is we need to be encouraging agriculture and getting them to actually grow food rather than just the big cash crops, the monocultures that they're doing which is destroying the crop land. Another thing that we can do for rural Georgia is actually do a rural broadband based on long range WI fi it's cheap. Simple. It can be co located with the cell phone towers. We can also allow nurses and. Pry practitioners to write prescriptions. And we can also use telemedicine to make rural Georgians get better healthcare. And that's about all I have to say, thank you. And you're right on time with appreciate that very much Ellen Lopez. You get the next question miss Abrams, seventy five percent of Georgia voters favor. Expanding medicaid. That's according to an AJC poll from January, you said that you want to expand the program on day one how likely is that with a Republican state legislator? Legislature? And how would you be able to see that on day one or even during your first year in office? So what I've said is that my day one priority isn't Medicaid, I've been through eleven legislative sessions. I know it takes a little bit longer than one day. But I will say this having worked across the aisle having worked with Democrats and Republicans I know that we all care about two families one of our core values, and I know that we do not wanna see more rural hospitals close. And fortunately, there's only one solution in the state of Georgia despite the most misleading information from my opponent. I am not promoting anything other than a program that has been proven to be bipartisan governor Mike Pence expanded Medicaid. We know that it works. We know that it is bipartisan solution that will help cover half a million Georgians will create fifty six thousand jobs will cost us approximately two hundred and fifty million dollars will draw down three billion dollars. And will help stabilize rural economies. There is no other solution. Now my opponent is going to say something about innovation waivers. But the reality is that those innovation. Waivers are shoddy plans that have been dismissed by most states and will allow pre existing conditions to once again, not be covered in the state of Georgia. Georgia governor's debate is much Greg. You have the next question. I started our campus kind of follow up your six hundred million dollar teacher pay raise proposal would account for more than two thirds of the typical revenue growth. So where do you cut or raise new revenue to make that a reality? Well, I'm I'm really proud of my education plan giving teachers a pay raise investment in public education, a robust school safety plan. I can assure you that. A la- providing a school counselor in every high school to deal with behavioral health issues. Given one time grants of thirty thousand dollars to our local schools every public school in the state to SCO to secure our schools and keep our children safe. Nothing is more important than that to me than than that being a father of three teenage daughters. But look we have all this accounted for unlike my opponent who wants to take the same bucket of money this out there through revenue and growth and give it to several different pots, we're only offering it to what we can afford. That's why have a spending cap proposal. So that we can lower taxes next year also pay per school teacher pay raise plan in our school safety plan, and we've accumulated and accounted for that in the budget through natural growth that we've had in this great economy in an effort to quickly tackle, some of the other important issues to Georgia. I'd like to give the other two candidates twenty seconds. To respond to the issue of education. What's important to each of you in terms of reforming education for our state. This will begin with you. Well, furtive to begin with. We have an overload of administrators over about ten thousand administrators one hundred and ten thousand teachers and one point seven million students we can reduce the number of administrators and then actually take the teachers to start teaching to the student rather than teaching to a test. Thank you so much MS Abrams, twenty seconds on your education plan..

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