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Painfree relieffactor dot com studios it's the larry elder is this president came into office and this administration we have seen in a konami that skyrocketed hasn't been good pork all americans not just white americans are not white americans but all americans these are red white and blue issues in if we can't we can't get away from this device of type of talk we cannot come together as a nation that's horrible is totally unacceptable all right so maybe you two will make up some day we'll see what happens i know one thing she cannot stand this president congressman kelly thanks so much triple eight nine seven one s h e e triple eight one seven seventy four three over here we're gonna talk about the momentous act of moving the american embassy from tel aviv to them the ceremony has been violence and an msnbc reporter claimed that the palestinian riots were unarmed later on made it well i guess they had some light arms and nbc reporter asked the white house if it's acceptable for israel to kill at will that was actually a question that was put to the white house we're talking about that later on now we continue our campaign to send children of prisoners to the fresh air and fellowship of angel tree camp i wanted to do the kerry now often you asked me i get letters and i get things on facebook what can i do what can i do why did to help you if you're serious help me send these kids dumber camp think about the time you went to summer camp if nothing else just breaking you from the monotony of the of the city for some of these kids they have never even left the county let alone banana environment like this with crafts whether he's in violence where this adult supervision we're maybe you can meet people that can really really change your life and who knows maybe you'll make friends for a lifetime we've talked about how often these kids went to aintree camp comeback later ones adult become counselors carey father was sent to prison and of course she felt ashamed and punished within some people stepped in and changed carries life explain more about indochino like what it.

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