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Just payments in closing costs online in real time rocket can. The real issue is with having to do Sunday mornings? I miss SNL and I have talked about this locally in Cleveland before it's one of the weird shows that I've I've never missed no matter how bad it's been no matter What the cast looks like. I've always watched SNL. It's just become for me mandatory viewing again. It doesn't matter how bad show is and they've had some rough years. I think they've had a nice bounce back here. I think there's some reasons for that. They're not so consumed with just ripping the president every day that I think they've actually been more interesting off late And then last night, they have Elon musk. And so they were saying that this was gonna be strained and like over 100 countries. Which led me to ask the question. Isn't it already to have two people have a tough time in other countries streaming American content? But they said this was gonna be one of the most watched SNL's in a long time. Like since the JZ episode back in the day. I guess. S O. I made Trump catching up now because obviously I was in bed kind of early last night to prepare to do this very important sports talk radio show. And I want to see what all the buzz was gonna be about today and then dare rebel tweeted that nothing really big happened with Doetsch coin last night. Because that's what we want our future tied into right. That's what we want our pension funds. That's what we want to retirement. We wanted all invested in things that are going to be impacted by a late night sketch comedy show. That apparently is very important to us. Very sad, the state of affairs, but so far I'm past the weekend update during the breaks have been watching. And past the weekend update, And so far I have to say, I think they did a pretty solid job. On SNL, My restock Miley Cyrus. She did not hurt. The proceedings as well. Saw the first Performance pretty good. So I have to say SNL so far so good and my retirement is still intact. Was all nervous about that. And so I don't know. Maybe You didn't. But you did lose some money. You said it went down. Well, yeah, well, you don't know how much money I had invested. How much do you have? How much did you have invested? Well, I don't think that's relevant, You know? Come on. Yeah, it is. Come on, please. Let's not tell tales out of school here. And I mean this is I don't think people want to hear sports talk radio show hosts either bragging or lamenting. About the values your will make a lot of money anyway, Probably Well, I would slow down just like new contract. Come on. Maybe. Maybe maybe all life has been good. Why you Why you investing crypto currency for Uh, you know what the Chris the crypto currency thing is just one of those where it's foam. Oh, see, I think the younger generations experiences more than even my generation of the older generations. Is because of social media because of things like Instagram because of Twitter. You don't wanna miss out on anything. And if you feel like you're missing out on something, you were that you were in the sheep. Wouldn't say shape. I'm not. I'm not fully invested. You know, these people that say does going to the moon. I mean, how much do they really have invested? What do they have, like $500 invested? I think it's become more satire than anything but the fact that people are watching. You know the trackers last night during Saturday Live. It tells us that we are in rarified air. So where were people exactly expecting you? I must to do last night. They thought that depending on how many could remember any time he tweets about a specific Cryptocurrency Or any time he tweets about some company that's on the stock exchange. Something that could impact the Dow Jones. The place goes crazy every single time. That's the influence that he has. It seems like a little bit of ridiculous setup economically, but That is the case. And so people were wondering If he would be conferring with SNL writers to try to prop up a company or something or crypto currency last night, and in reality, all he did was make fun of it when I just saw him on the weekend update They brought him on to explain does coin and he basically made fun of it for five minutes and sew it in a nose dive, But it certainly didn't go up. And so I think some people are upset with the alarm US. Because when you're in a position like Elon Musk people are going to be upset, no matter what you do. So, yes, I believe or not. That's what was happening last night on SNL. 55 do it to four. CBS 4227. I wasn't a rat or wasn't it a rat last night? Don't forget Justin Terminal. Join us next hour Talk MBA. I got to get to those ion eyes, GM sticking up for him, but I want to know. What is going on? With the Mets. How the Mets doing right now, by the way, they close to 500, where two games over 500 You're over 500 cause you would think it's It's panic Central to him In the start of this, okay to game's over. You think it was panic Central in New York based on what has happened with Francisco Indoor four straight wins for the Mets. Okay, surging and Lindores actually played well right. He started to hit a little bit starting to hit, had the game tying to run home run the other night in the seventh inning. All right. So that is what I want to focus on because they were at Citi Field and keep in mind this week, Francisco Linda or the guy that signed a 10 year $340 million deal getting boo birds. Like his early as the end of April. He was getting boo birds and into May Now it is very early. And Linda or has obviously the last few years. I don't know what you do with last year's numbers. I mean, last year, I think you just throw out the window the 60 game season. I don't think you look at that year as Anything concrete and trying to Extrapolated data. When it comes to baseball players, I'd say the same thing about the bubble for the MBA. I just throw out all of that Those were not normal seasons. I think history will show that they were Ah bunch of anomalies in those seasons, but Linda or Kinda had a down year with the Indians, but we knew that wouldn't affect The bottom line. He was still going to get paid big time. He had had such big moments early in his career with Indians playoff runs. I mean, he had huge moments, and he looked on the verge of stardom. He was in some M V P discussion at times. And over the last few years. That's kind of gone away a little bit, but certainly did not mess with the bottom line in which he still gets 340 million. See, you wanted him to get off to a good start. If you're a Mets fan. Because you know that How these contracts go. Judging by what you saw Albert pulls the last five years..

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