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Houses, very, cozy and warm. Oh, what's name? Oh. Yeah. I agree snuggle. No. Well, okay. No. It's not your fault. Right. I blame me. Okay. Who? Lame Laurie Laughlin that. Lori and Wendy Williams. Okay. Here we go. Let's one more eighteenth century crime punishment. No, what is it complementary? Yes. Beards splitter. Glitter. It was my nickname. Bradley. Splitter. Maybe had a beard. Different. Yeah. You know and nothing to do with. Veronica. What can it be serious? Splitter. No, I bet this is. Okay. Go with me. I kind of feel like this has got to be a good thing. Okay. Because beards were you know, good things rightly men who had beds facial. How that's a good thing. So bid splitter. That could be go both ways. Splitter. You were like. I think it's an insult. Okay. All right. I'll I'll I'll do that. I'll go with you on that. I almost let you a stray..

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