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Speedway new Berlin. Wisconsin is also a winner. The shop is getting one hundred thousand dollars for selling the winning ticket in the third largest lottery jackpot in history. I'm Steve Kastenbaum. Candidate Amy klobuchar unveiled her plan Thursday to repair the nation's crumbling roads. Bridges and waterways, the trillion dollar proposal includes six hundred fifty billion dollars. I'm Elliot Francis. Help you sell stuff online. Then you know, what a pain shipping can be. It's time consuming. It's expensive. It's a hassle until now. Introducing ship station, the fastest easiest and most affordable way to get your products to your customers. Whether you sell stuff on Amazon SE Chiappa fi or your own website with ship station. You can quickly ship all orders from one easy to use dashboard. Saving. You a ton of time. There's even an easy to use mobile app. So you always have access plus you'll save money with ship stations deeply discounted rates from all the top carriers like USPS UPS FedEx in more. You can always choose the best carrier at the lowest rate for every package. It's no wonder ship station is rated number one by online sellers in right now, you can try ship station free for sixty days. That's right free. Just go to ship station dot com and enter promo code talk. We guarantee ship station will make getting orders to your customers. A lot easier. That's ship stationed dot com. Promo code talk ship station. Make. Ship happen. The ridesharing company lift has said, it's initial share price ahead of a hug, we anticipated stock market debut, Friday and Johnson tells more seventy two dollar share prices at the high end of a revision lift made after investor demand prompted the company to bulk up its goal for some thirty one million shares that will be sold in the initial public offering the price puts a pin in lifts market value at twenty four billion dollars which could quickly change..

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