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Best deal flow, and our best sediments come from the Jeff raiders of the world Coty beach. The world the Craigie birds world, our founders, but also there from the Wharton networks and HPS networks on that side. So the founder quotient is not unimportant to us. So I'll start with the last thing I did last time. But we're also doing a lot of surveyed every year, we do something a panel called the why and we take fifteen hundred people crossed the US of various age represents with US population looks like and we do a series of questions that just get into what their behaviors are. So it's a it's not the Gallup poll or the Michigan conference poll, but we do that. And we're correlating, and we'd just started doing this is why people do and from that we've realized early adopters are great. But it's also the petulant slow movers are actually the best consumers to have is when she got him. You got him, and they don't they don't go to something else. Whereas early doctors will move on real quick and that stuff so we look at different cohorts. So as we're looking at different businesses across that, it's like, look what cohort is best for we have sixteen different cohorts of different minds. And again, we look for stuff that's going to sell in. The is this something that could be in middle America or the defining variable. Of the cohorts got sixteen or the dimensions along, which they're segmented along the symptoms of Meyer, Briggs is done on that side of it in the name of the study escapes me, but it's a personality types, and it's defined different personality types. So we start with like demographic and geographical mix and that's up, and then we try to poor those out and what we're getting from. That is interesting data points sixty percent of Americans in the past year of Ghana church. Fifty nine percent of looked at porn and things. Like, that's what are you gonna do that stuff researching things like it's interesting when we looked at Facebook and Google feel good the top Google Facebook things about the husband. It's like, my husband is great. My husband is loyal. My husband is wonderful. And then on Google those same people are googling. My husband is a jerk. My husband is a liar is my husband gay, and that so it's one of those things we just don't do polls and things like that. It's the why and consumers are wonderful liars. I don't have to remind people at the two thousand sixteen presidential election happened. We were doing consumer surveys then for the women shopping. And it was amazing that time we found. Found by accident. We interviewed hundreds of women in Teaneck New Jersey Atlanta in Los Angeles about the women's shopping habits. And then even what of their beliefs were and a few times, we're getting like, I don't want other women to tell me what to do and other things or people that were very close about saying who they might vote Ford, very polarizing election, and so people don't speak the truth. So it's what we're trying to dig deeper into the wind to that to the motivations the values. And like what does that mean? We're still in the process of we don't have it all figured out, and we're correlating that against the actions and the of different portfolio companies than things like the cost to acquire customers month month basis, but it's really interesting stuff. Because if you look at this on paper like the pornography business in a sex, toy business are great businesses. But do you want invest in them because what's your exit to be? And what we all peace thing. And that's a very real thing that said when the most explosive categories gone right now is actually there's companies like hymns and keeps in Roman erectile dysfunction. Like a key propecia patent- went off label and in December of last year. So a few companies came in saw that and basically marketing some more expense have gone after showing like E D is something that can rob your door..

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