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This huge bounty on my table. You know, there's there's a mum I'm I'm in the middle of this feast. This like this cosmic thanksgiving. But it's twenty four seven, you know, it's like dislike like, you know, you people you feel lucky get to do it once a year. This is like my morning, noon and night is like this ground boof, you know, and. It's got all of this creativity. Scott phenomenal folks that I'm, you know, getting to people I've known for a long time. And I'm getting to seal lots of new people are coming into it. So very alive and very in a state of real gratefulness real grace. And now if we could just get rid of this. This orange. You know? Aberration. Everything would be Jake baby. As my dad used to say, everything would be Jake is that. Yeah, that's an all like thirties of four is. Everything's doing. Everything's jake. Everything's jake. It's all good. Yeah. It's all fine. Yeah. When did you dad your dad did music is whole life? He no he didn't. He he only did it is very young man in the minute. He started having kids. He he realized he couldn't make a living doing it put food on the table. So he gave it up. And so he you know, it was like one of these unfinished dreams. He he died at forty nine nine hundred sixty nine nineteen. So his my my relationship with him is more like like this thing that I carry around with me, but you can't see tests or smell, but he's very much all of the muses. But a what was I goes those my point. But we're talking about I. Yeah. And. The great connection. There is is that I hung in. Whereas he I got to watch a man who who who loves something like music, and then had to leave it because he felt like he. It couldn't sustain him. And he just needed to sick way into something that was palpably more able to put food on the table for his burgeoning young family. And I always thought man what would life have been like if my dad got to spend this whole life doing what he loves which was music. That's that was his you know, that's where he was like one hundred ten percent alive. You know, everything else. He did he was like very positive, dude. So he was always like in the high eighties and sometimes in the low nineties, but when he was planned, piano or drums, so he taught himself to play Trump. He jumps off the plan million things he was one hundred and ten percent alive as somebody like me who has spent my whole life doing what I love, you know, which is, you know, working as an actor. You just wish that for the people that you know that. Shaped you. Yeah. So, but in a way, you got to do that. And so his you're sort of carrying his dream through you he made the choices that he made. And that allowed you to be the person that you are and you got to do that stuff. So what a tremendous way to honor him another way. Clearly, and you know. You know, it was you know, even though he's been gone since sixty nine. Huge connection has remained. And so I'm I'm pretty sure he's like looking dangle at a book. That makes me really happy. Oh, that's fantastic. Yeah. We're coming up. I guess it's Friday Friday is my anniversary of my dad dying five years ago Friday, but I had him until he was seventy two, you know. So I you know, I was I was lucky that I had him for that loan. Does you know it did it does make you reflective? It definitely makes you reflect what all this stuff all the stuff just to put a, you know, a a reference to it all is like all the stuff that you, and I have been talking about including dick jokes and everything like that. And Sinatra and love for movies that was all given to me by him. Those were the things that he loved leave. Nobody loves Sinatra more than my own, man. Nobody understood why he loves it entre more than my own man and same thing with movies. I mean, I used to sit there and watch Red River, you know, and revenge of robinhood, he's. You know, these were his favorite movies and movie stars Gable, and Tracy and Jimmy Cagney unity G Robinson, Barbara Stanwick. And you know, coop, you know, bogey, and he gave me all that..

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