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Sports at 25 and 55, powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Dave Preston, we've got a battle of the beltways coming up. So many series, I don't know if they've gotten Richard Burton or actually Richard Chamberlain or LeVar Burton to throw out the oh, there you go. We're talking many series right here. Nationals meet the Orioles for the first of two games dance currently in last place at the NL east bird coming off a win over Cleveland, owes her in fourth place of the American League east as by ranking second in the majors and runs scored 7 O 5 first pitch on 1500 a.m. NBA playoffs defending champ Golden State finds itself down two games to none after last night's one 14 one O 6 lost to Sacramento, Philadelphia takes a two O series lead over Brooklyn by beating the next 96 84 NHL playoffs last night's action included a pair of overtime games Los Angeles kings outlasting Edmonton four three Minnesota defeating Dallas three two in double OT capitals looking for a new coach after parting ways with Peter la violette. Last Friday, we will hear from general manager Brian mcclellan this morning about the search as well as the upcoming revamping of the roster, NFL commanders signed restricted free agent, Jeremy Reeves, college football, great news here, gang, the university of Maryland announces they will be wearing the script terps on their helmets, moving forward. Cool. It's not just how you play. It's how you look. Dave Preston WTO sports. Appreciate it, Dave. And coming up after traffic and weather, police have now charged a white man in Missouri, accused of shooting a black teenager who showed up to the wrong house to pick up his brothers. 5 27. At 7

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